When it comes to gambling – both on, and offline – almost all countries and jurisdictions have developed strict and enforceable legislation, designed to protect players, and stop rouge, illegal outfits from cheating players.

This has been the case since the very beginning of legal gambling – and gaming licenses (which are almost ALWAYS required of casinos) are designed to help build trust with players, prove that the games/machines played are fair, and hold the casinos to accountability.

Online gambling has only increased the need for regulatory involvement – because, of course, players can’t actually see the machine/software in action…

And this means that if you’re looking to play at an online casino, it’s vital you choose a casino that’s licensed by a reputable licensing body.

What Do Licensing Bodies Actually Do?

While each country will have different protocols for how licenses are issued – and what the terms of licenses include – generally-speaking, licensing bodies ensure:

  • That casinos only offer games that are independently certified by testing houses to ensure their fairness
  • That online casinos hold player funds in separate bank accounts, so that players can get paid in the event of insolvency or liquidation
  • That casinos issued with a license operate within the relevant legal framework
  • That casinos are adhering to preventing underage gambling, carrying out affordability checks on players, and following anti-money laundering laws

Of course, the terms of getting a casino license are far-more complex than that summary – but that’s the general idea of why licensing bodies exist, and why they issue licenses to casinos.

Where To Find Licensed and Regulated Casinos?

Any casino you see listed here on Online Casino HQ is fully-licensed by a reputable regulator – you can see our recommended sites below…

What Are The World’s Main Licensing Bodies and Online Gambling Regulators?

As mentioned earlier in this post, almost all countries that allow online gambling have their own gambling regulator – and there is usually just one licensing body per country. Below, we’re going to take a look at the main licensing bodies.We’ll begin by looking at the 6 most common license bodies – and further down this page, you can view a full list of license bodies, sorted by region. Remember, not all licenses are equal (for example, a casino licensed by the UK’s Gambling Commission is MUCH safer to play at, than one with a Curacao license) – so it’s important you understand the basics about the regulators, as this will help you choose a casino that’s safe, secure, and reputable.Below, we’re going to look at the various gambling regulators, and these are categorised by continent.