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Rhode Island Slot Scammer Faces Jail

A Massachusetts man is facing a long jail sentence after running a scheme that allowed him to play slot machines for free at Rhode Island casino. Joseph Clement was caught using fake mailers at Tiverton Casino Hotel, and prosecutors are asking for a 3+ year jail sentence.

The 49-year-old already has a history of run-ins with the law, and his most recent scheme saw him offering counterfeit slot mailers to over 25 people. After receiving a $25 mailer himself, from the Plainridge Park Casino, Clement realized he could start making his own coupons – albeit with larger amounts and altered dates.

Clement is believed to have passed off numerous coupons at the Tiverton Casino Hotel, but his luck ran out last year in December. He tried presenting a coupon for $600 – $100 more than any coupons issued from the casino.

A Lengthy Police Investigation

After Clement was caught out the casino’s security team contacted law enforcement officials. The local police opened an investigation and found that Clement had sold similar counterfeit coupons to others.

Police reviewed surveillance footage which shows Clement visiting a Staples office supply store. Here, according to the store manager, he made a number of copies of his coupons.

Clement was arrested in December 2018 and prosecutors have now charged him with a total of 15 crimes. These charges include forgery, forgery with intent to defraud, conspiracy, solicitation of participation in conspiracy, use of a fake gaming instrument in a casino and conspiring to cheat a gambling venue.

Clement is currently out on bond after pleading not guilty. His court case is schedule for June 6 2019.