About Online Casino HQ

Welcome to Online Casino HQ, the premier destination for all gamblers and players seeking the most reliable and comprehensive reviews of online casinos and slots. Founded by Alex and Dave – two veteran industry experts with a shared vision – Online Casino HQ is one of the last remaining honest and impartial online gambling review sites.

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: to create a platform where players could find honest, detailed, and unbiased reviews of online casinos, video slots, software providers, and anything iGaming. In an industry where trust is arguably the most important factor, we understand the value of a truly impartial resource – especially in helping gamblers make informed decisions.

With Alex’s deep understanding of casinos, games, and everything in between alongside Dave’s extensive industry experience, Online Casino HQ was born.

As we navigate the exciting – yet complex and ever-changing – online gambling world together, our commitment to you, our readers, is unwavering. We’re here to help you find the best online casinos, exciting free slots, and generous bonuses. At the same time, we work tirelessly to ensure your gaming experience is safe, enjoyable, and, above all, fair. Welcome to the Online Casino HQ family.

Our Story

The creation of Online Casino HQ was driven by a realization: the vast majority of casino review sites prioritize profit over the well-being and interests of players. Unfortunately, today’s iGaming industry is full of unethical, opportunist, often fraudulent operators – and this makes finding a platform genuinely dedicated to players’ wellbeing almost impossible.

This is where our story begins. Motivated by a desire to stand out as the exception, Alex and Dave, embarked on a mission to create a community for players – a place where honesty, integrity, and the player’s best interest – make up the foundation of everything we do.

As a small team of two, we’ve worked in virtually all sectors of the online gambling industry. This involves managing online gambling communities with hundreds of thousands of users, assuming corporate roles for the world’s largest online and offline casinos, and developing sites with thousands of unique visitors daily. While hugely insightful, this background exposed us to the inner workings of an often profit-driven industry – but more importantly, it gave us the expertise necessary to navigate it.

Launching Online Casino HQ has been a thoughtful and painstaking process. Initially conceived in 2019, we resisted the temptation to rush our platform to market. After all, our goal wasn’t simply to launch another casino review website but to create a new benchmark for ethical, player-focused reviews.

Subsequently, this approach meant balancing our day jobs in the iGaming industry with building a site that lives up to expectations. It’s been a long – often stressful journey, but we’re committed to “getting it right” for our users – and we’re proud to say we’re ready.

Our Mission

At the heart of Online Casino HQ is a team that cares about redefining the online gambling industry. We aim to achieve this by publishing the most comprehensive, impartial, and honest reviews on the planet – with the aim of, one day, ensuring no player gets scammed by a rogue casino. Here’s how we plan to do just that:

Transparency: We pledge to publish only transparent reviews that give readers a complete picture – good and bad – of online casinos, slots, and games. We write all our reviews in-house and base them on thorough site testing and real-player reviews. We also monitor content regularly to ensure anything you read on Online Casino HQ is up-to-date and relevant.

Player-Focused Approach: We understand that the needs and safety of players are non-negotiable, which is why we always take a player-first approach. This means we are strong responsible gambling advocates, only recommend online casinos with robust support systems, and ensure that any recommended site adheres to strict ethical standards.

Ethical Monetization: While small commissions are occasionally paid to us by casinos, Online Casino HQ commits to ethical practices in any affiliate partnership. Financial incentives do not influence the online casinos recommended on our site; instead, they result from rigorous testing, evaluations, and our genuine belief in the quality of their services.

Continuous Improvement: The online gambling landscape is ever-changing, and so are we. Our commitment to constantly improving means we always look for ways to give players a safer, better online gambling experience. Our writers and reviewers regularly update reviews to ensure they’re relevant and accurate. We also implement community feedback – and welcome comments, criticisms, or praise!

What Sets Us Apart

With so many other online gambling review sites, Online Casino HQ knew it had to stand out from the beginning. We primarily achieve this by offering a more genuine, player-first approach to iGaming. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Expertise and Experience: With decades of combined experience in the gambling industry, our team brings unparalleled knowledge and insight. Online Casino HQ’s team has backgrounds in both casinos and major online gambling communities, giving us a unique perspective on the industry’s workings.
  2. Innovative Review System: Our review system is designed to surpass anything else today. Aside from incorporating the usual metrics – game selection, bonuses, payments, etc – we also consider player feedback, security, responsible gambling, and ethical practices. This approach gives us a much clearer understanding of what to expect at casinos you’re interested in.
  3. Regular Updates: We understand that the quality of a casino can change – sometimes at a moment’s notice. Our process involves regularly monitoring and updating our reviews. We’re also unafraid to revoke a recommendation if an online casino no longer meets our high standards.
  4. Community Engagement: Online Casino HQ has, from the beginning, aimed to be more than just a website; we want to be the largest community in the online gambling world. We regularly interact with our community through social media, have feedback systems any reader can use – and are planning to launch a forum soon – so stay tuned!
  5. Commitment to Responsible Gambling: While gambling is a fun and recreational activity for most, we – better than most – understand the problems some players may develop. Subsequently, our commitment to responsible gambling is non-negotiable. We provide resources, support information, and tools to help our users gamble safely, and we will never recommend casinos that don’t take responsible gambling seriously.

Our Services

Online Casino HQ has been designed from the ground up to be the most comprehensive information portal in the online gambling world. Here’s an overview of what we offer:

  • Casino Reviews: Check out our extensive reviews of online casinos, where we evaluate everything from game variety, user experience, customer service, payout speeds, and banking options to customer support facilities, mobile apps, and more. Our reviews are unbiased, thorough, and aimed at giving you a clear picture of what to expect.
  • Slot and Game Reviews: Online Casino HQ has reviewed hundreds of slots – and adds new ones each week – showing you what to expect from the mechanics, RTP, volatility, and bonuses. We cover everything from classic slots to progressives and new releases – and we’re also beginning to add casino game reviews!
  • Software Provider Reviews: Get the inside scoop on virtually every software provider that creates games for the online gambling industry. From industry giants like Netent and Big Time Gaming to smaller studios like Foxium and 4ThePlayer, we look at their games, unique features, and more!
  • User Ratings: Your voice matters. Online Casino HQ features user ratings, allowing you to share your experiences and see what other players think about casinos and games.
  • Gambling Guides: Whether you’re new to online gambling or have years of experience, our gambling guides offer valuable insights, from how-to-play tutorials to strategy tips for increasing your odds of winning.
  • Industry News: Stay updated with the latest news in the gambling world, including regulatory changes, new casino openings, game releases, and more!
  • Tailored Casino Bonuses and Promotions: We negotiate directly with casinos to bring you exclusive bonuses and promotions – including no-deposit bonuses and free spins!

Forum (Future Feature): We’re also excited about the upcoming launch of our forum, a space for our community to engage in discussions, share tips, seek advice, and connect with fellow gambling enthusiasts.

Our Team

Dave Sawyer

Dave Sawyer – Dave has an extensive background working in the iGaming Industry that spans the past three decades.

Initially with Ladbrokes joining their dedicated IT Team based out of Gibraltar, Dave helped them launch their online casino back in October 2000. From 2005, Dave left his role as IT Services Manager at Ladbrokes to concentrate his efforts as a full time casino affiliate webmaster, running a number of iGaming related sites up until May 2019.

Dave has featured on various iGaming Industry panel forums, including at the 2006 Casino Affiliate Convention in Amsterdam, the 2011 London Affiliate Conference and also was a speaker at AffiliateFest 2017 ( Now part of Affiverse ).

From 2011 Dave has been a moderator on the popular Casinomeister Forum where he goes by the forum handle of ‘Webzcas’, with Dave becoming a full time member of the Casinomeister editorial team in 2019, with his responsibilities including the writing and publishing of the daily news carried on Casinomeister.

A keen player and fan of online slots, with the original Tombraider by Microgaming being one of his favourites, alongside Playtech’s Great Blue and Gladiator, Dave has the unique perspective of having experienced the industry from multiple angles — as both an operator, player, and affiliate.

Alex Smith

Alex Smith: Co-Founder and CEO – With a distinguished career spanning over 13 years in both iGaming and Direct Response Marketing, Alex is one of the leading authority figures in the online gambling industry. He began as a writer, working for affiliate sites, before moving on to direct response copywriting and managing content strategies for seven-figure media sites.

Originally from Brighton, in the UK, Alex now splits his time between South Korea and Bali, Indonesia.

His journey through the ranks of the iGaming world has given him a unique perspective on what makes content truly resonate with audiences. Alex’s hands-on experience in developing engaging, conversion-focused content has played a pivotal role in transforming small or underperforming websites into million-dollar successes.

Under Alex’s leadership, his teams have consistently pushed the boundaries of content quality and innovation. His work ethic and dedication to the industry have garnered respect from peers and led to collaborations with some of the industry’s biggest names, both in Europe and North America.

Now, as the driving force behind Karango, his latest venture, Alex is poised to leverage his wealth of knowledge and experience to set new standards in the iGaming media space. Online Casino HQ (OCHQ), a part of Karango, was founded by Alex and offers readers in-depth reviews, comprehensive game guides, and “everything iGaming” – all designed to give players the information they need to have the best online gambling experience.

In tandem with the launch of his new media company and Online Casino HQ, Alex studies the DPRK (North Korea) and works with humanitarian missions in Korea. His global travels have taken him to over 51 countries, where he indulges in his love for scuba diving and embraces the role of a modern-day explorer.

Our Commitment to Responsible Gambling

Online Casino HQ recognizes the importance of promoting responsible gambling. Subsequently, we work hard to inform readers of steps they can take to control their gambling. We also offer advice and support to those who feel their gambling is out of control. Our site has an entire section dedicated to responsible gambling resources, including:

Dedicated Responsible Gambling Page: Our comprehensive responsible gambling page offers detailed information on how you can stay safe gambling online. We offer self-assessment tools, advice on maintaining control, and tips on utilizing responsible gambling tools at casinos.

Self-Exclusion Tools and Resources: We have developed lengthy, informative guides on how to use self-exclusion tools effectively. If you or a loved one need help taking a short – or permanent – break from online gambling, self-exclusion could be for you.

Links to Charities and Support Organizations: Online Casino HQ has created a curated list of charities and organizations offering support and counseling for gambling addiction.

Verified Blocking Software: We test and review most major blocking software programs to find the most effective at helping users block access to online gambling sites completely.

Direct Support from Our Team: Online Casino HQ tries to go above and beyond to help any player. That’s why anyone can contact us if they’re overwhelmed by gambling and need advice.

How We Operate

Online Casino HQ is an independent organization operated entirely by a small team of online gambling enthusiasts. We’re passionate about creating a fair and transparent online gambling environment. Unlike the huge “network” sites that often prioritize profits over integrity, pushing rogue or ‘scammy’ casinos simply because they pay them a lot of money, we operate on ethical, non-wavering principles that, we believe, set us apart.

Our platform is self-funded; we don’t have any big casinos paying for reviews or external investors looking to make a quick buck at the expense of players. Our loyalty is, and always will be, to you – the player.

While we do occasionally make a small amount of money through affiliate links, our approach is genuine, honest – and different. We only recommend casinos that we genuinely believe in, and this is usually sites we’ve played at ourselves. A casino offering to pay us is not enough to get a recommendation on our site. Any online casino we review is due to merit and the firm belief that they operate fairly and are trustworthy.

Get in Touch

We value our community and welcome your feedback, inquiries, and suggestions. Whether you’re a player with a question, a casino looking to be reviewed, or anyone interested in what we do, we’re here to listen! Feel free to get in touch via the contact form below, or reach out via one of the dedicated email addresses.

Affiliate inquiries or partnerships: [email protected]

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