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Gambling Glossary

Welcome to the world’s largest gambling glossary. Yes, really. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or new to the world of casinos, sportsbooks, and online betting, you'll find clear definitions here for hundreds of important gambling terms.

Gambling has a rich history and its own unique language that is continually evolving. From classic casino games like blackjack and roulette to sports betting and online poker, a whole language is used to describe the games, rules, bets, odds, strategies, and more. 

Mastering this lexicon is essential to becoming an informed gambler.

How to Use The Online Casino HQ Gambling Glossary

The words, phrases, and terms in this gambling glossary are organized alphabetically for your convenience. A search function also allows you to find the term you’re looking for quickly.

If you still have questions about any terms listed on this page or have suggestions for others we should add, please contact us through the Contact Us page.


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1024 Ways to Win

A slot game format that offers players 1,024 possible ways to win - usually, from left to right. A ways-to-win mechanic eliminates traditional paylines, and wins are formed simply by matching enough symbols on adjacent reels, usually from left to right. Most 1024-ways-to-win video slots use a five-reel, four-row format.

243 Ways to Win

In some slot machines, this mechanic offers 243 possible winning combinations for players. It also does away with the traditional payline system, creating wins through matching symbols on adjacent reels from the left side. Slots using a 243-ways-to-win mechanic are usually built around a five-reel, three-row format.


In poker, a 3Bet refers to the third bet (or the second raise) made in a betting round. The sequence goes as follows: the initial bet is the opening bet, the next bet is called a raise, and the subsequent raise is known as a 3Bet.

4,094 Ways to Win

An expansion of the 'ways-to-win' mechanic, offering 4,096 possible winning combinations for players. This format allows for an even greater number of winning combinations by matching symbols on adjacent reels.


In poker, a 4Bet in poker is the fourth bet (or the third raise) in a betting round, coming directly after a 3Bet.

AAMS (Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato)

The Italian online gambling regulator responsible for regulating all gambling activities in Italy. It ensures compliance with gambling laws and issues licenses to operators.


A sports bet that involves multiple selections. All selections must win for the bet to be successful. Odds are multiplied against one another, allowing for significant payouts from small bets. Accumulators are widely used in soccer betting.


In card games, particularly poker, are typically the highest-value cards in the game, but can sometimes function as the lowest-value cards, depending on the game rules. In blackjack, for example, they are worth both one and 11, depending on the situation. Mathematically, aces are the best poker hand pre-flop.

Across the Board

A term used in horse racing betting where a single bet is placed on a horse to win, place, and show. It's effectively three bets in one.


  1. A general gambling term referring to the placing of bets or the total amount wagered by a player during a betting session.
  2. In poker, "action" refers to any move a player makes during a hand, such as betting, raising, calling, or folding. It also indicates whose turn it is to make a decision in the game. “The action is on you.”

Active Payline

In slot games, an active payline is a line on which winning symbols can land during a spin. If a winning combination appears on an active payline, the player wins. Players can adjust the number of active paylines in some games, and only those that are active will pay out for winning combinations.

Advantage Player

A savvy gambler who uses legal techniques to gain a mathematical advantage over the casino. This is achieved by playing skill games, or finding exploits like blemishes on playing cards. Not illegal, although casinos will ban advantage players if caught.


In the context of online gambling, an affiliate is a person or company that promotes casino or betting websites in exchange for a commission based on the traffic or players they bring to the site. Online Casino HQ, for example.

AGCC (Alderney Gambling Control Commission)

A regulatory body responsible for overseeing online gambling activities in the jurisdiction of Alderney. Regarded as being one of the world’s top iGaming regulators, although it has come under criticism for dealing with operators who set up in Alderney for tax purposes.

Aggregate Limit

The total cash liability that a casino or sportsbook is willing to pay out on a single event or game round. 


In some casino games, usually poker, a word used to describe a player who appears unafraid of making large bets, raising, and taking on other opponents. “He was one of the most aggressive poker players I’ve ever faced.”


In poker, going all-in means betting all of one's chips on the current hand. Other players must match the all-in amount if they want to continue in the hand. Common towards the latter stages of poker tournaments.

All-Ways Slots

In certain video slots, a mechanic that awards winning combinations regardless of where the symbols land on the reels, provided they’re on adjacent reels. Removes the need for paylines and is generally found in higher variance games. Examples of all-ways mechanics include 243, 1024, and 4,096-ways-to-win slots.

American Roulette

A version of roulette featuring a wheel with 38 pockets, including numbers 1 through 36, a single zero (0), and a double zero (00). The double zero increases the house edge compared to European Roulette. Subsequently, it’s generally advised to avoid American roulette unless French or European variants are unavailable.


A mandatory bet required from all players before a hand begins in certain card games. It ensures that there's always money to be won in each hand, encouraging more action and larger pots.

Ante Post

In sports betting, betting on future events, primarily horse racing, well before the event starts. Odds can be higher, but bets are generally lost if the selection does not compete. See also; Futures.

Antillephone NV - License #8048/JAZ

Antillephone NV is one of four Master License holders in Curacao able to issue sub-licenses. They operate under license number #8048/JAZ, and, historically, have been one of the only Master License holders to take any form of action against rogue licensees.

Any Craps

A bet in craps that the next roll will be 2, 3, or 12. It pays out typically at 7:1, although this can vary depending on the casino and game provider.

Any Double

In certain dice games, a bet that the outcome will be a double of any number (e.g., 22, 33, 44).

Any Seven

A craps bet that the next roll will be a total of 7. This bet pays out at 4:1 or 5:1, depending on the casino.

Any Triple

In dice games, particularly in Sic Bo, a bet that the roll will result in three dice showing the same number. The bet offers high payouts, given the slim chance of three identical numbers being rolled. 


A betting strategy that involves placing bets on all possible outcomes of an event with different bookmakers, taking advantage of the odds to guarantee a profit. Arbitrage betting is one of the only ways to ‘guarantee’ a profit, though experience and a large bankroll are required.


A leading developer and manufacturer of slot machines and other gaming technology, known for creating popular slot games with innovative features. Popular Aristocrat slots include Lucky 88, Goblin's Gold, Big Ben, and Pompeii.

ARJEL (Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne)

The French Regulatory Authority responsible for regulating online games of chance and for licensing and regulating online gambling sites in France.


In craps, an "arm" refers to a skilled player who believes they can, or is believed by others to, throw the dice in a way that influences the outcome.

Asian Handicap

A system that originated in Indonesia and is commonly used in soccer betting. It’s designed to level the playing field between two mismatched teams by giving a virtual advantage or disadvantage to one of the teams. Bets are settled based on this adjusted score, making the betting outcome more balanced. Asian Handicap bets do not have a draw, only a win-or-lose option.

Automatic Card Shuffler

A device used in casinos to shuffle one or more decks of cards automatically to ensure a fair and random distribution of cards. See also; Continuous Shuffling Machine.


A feature in online slots that allows players to set a certain number of spins to be played automatically without the need for manual input. Some games allow for up to 1,000 autoplay spins. Banned in the UK due to United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) concerns over responsible gambling.


A card game played at casinos involving two hands, the "player" and the "banker." Bets are placed on which hand will have the closest total to 9 or on a tie. One of the oldest casino table games, believed to have originated in France back in the 15th century, before taking its modern form in the 1800s.

Back Line

Another term for the "Don't Pass Line" in craps, where players bet against the shooter winning.


The process of having placed a bet on a specific outcome, event, or player/horse/team. “I backed that soccer team as I felt they had a good chance of winning.”

Bad Beat

In poker, losing a hand which was a high favorite. Often, the player who lost faced an opponent who could hit only one or two cards to win. See also; sucked out on.

Bad Beat Jackpot

A pooled jackpot prize awarded in some poker rooms for a player who experiences a very unlucky - and statistically rare - loss - a "bad beat"). I.e, losing the hand while holding a four-of-a-kind, one of the best poker hands.


The amount of money available in a player's casino or online gaming account. “My balance was low, so I needed to make a deposit.”


One of the oldest slot machine developers, founded in 1968. Developed slot machines and other gambling technology for land-based casinos before moving into online game creation. Now owned by Light & Wonder (previously SG Digital.) Popular Bally slots include Titanic, Quick Hit Platinum, Moon Goddess, and Playboy Hot Zone.

A well-known manufacturer of slot machines and other gaming technology. It's one of the oldest companies in the industry, offering a wide range of casino equipment and games.


Spanish for "bank" or "banker," it is used in Baccarat to refer to the hand or player that acts as the bank. See also; Banker.

Bandit Slots (The Bandit's Slot Video Channel)

One of the most popular gambling channels, The Bandit - a man called Steve from Wrexham in the UK - has managed to amass a huge following; his YouTube account has almost 100,000 followers. The Bandit became an instant hit due to his humor and witty comments. Known for playing games like Secret of the Stones, Steam Tower, Reel King, Wild Swarm, and, today, Hacksaw titles.


  1. In some casino table games, the dealer or player who takes on the role of, essentially, the dealer.
  2. In baccarat, “Banker” is one of the two main bets players can make.


The total amount of money a player has set aside for gambling activities. “He couldn’t enter another poker tournament as he’s exhausted his bankroll.”


In slot machines, a common symbol that’s usually black and white with the text “BAR” overlaid. Appears in many modern slots today, despite dating back more than a century; along with bells, cherries, and sevens, it’s one of the earliest known slot machine symbols. Originally, the symbol represented a chewing gum or candy bar.


Being banned from a casino or gaming establishment, usually due to cheating or other breaches of the casino’s terms and conditions.


In poker, a term for a bet, especially a continuation bet or a bluff made on multiple streets.

Beginner’s Luck

The perceived phenomenon where a new player experiences an unnaturally high number of winning bets when they begin gambling for the first time.


Wagering money on the outcome of a game, event, or situation, with the expectation of winning additional money if the prediction is correct. See also; wager.

Bet Max

A button in some slot games (particularly older ones) that, when pressed, automatically spins the reels at the maximum available bet. Controversial and, for most, largely unnecessary. Most players see it as a predatory tool to trick unsuspecting players into placing huge bets.


A free app that blocks access to online gambling websites. Designed to help individuals with a gambling addiction or those who want to limit their online gambling activities. BetBlocker can be installed on various devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets, and is free of charge.


A software provider known for its 3D slots and randomly awarded progressive jackpots. Targets grey markets, including the US. Not licensed in the UK, and has experienced multiple controversies, including jackpots not being awarded. Popular slots include Greedy Goblins, Shopping Spree II, The Tipsy Tourist, and Tycoons.

Betting Layout

The designated area on a gaming table where players place their bets, marked with specific spots for different types of wagers. “I managed to place my chips on the roulette betting layout despite it being a very busy table.”

Betting Limit

The minimum or maximum amount of money that can be wagered on a single spin or game round in casino games.

Betting Table

A table displaying the odds and betting options for a particular game, often found in sportsbooks.

Big 6

A bet in craps that a six will be rolled before a seven. It's considered a "sucker bet" due to its high house edge.

Big 8

In craps, a bet that an eight will be rolled before a seven. The Big 8 bet has a high house edge and is generally avoided by experienced players.

Big Blind

In poker, a mandatory bet placed by the player sitting two positions clockwise from the dealer button in poker. The Big Blind is usually twice the size of the small blind and sets the minimum stake for the game. See also; Small Blind.

Big Time Gaming (BTG)

A renowned Australian casino developer known for pioneering the Megaways slot mechanic, which adjusts the number of ways to win on each spin. Regarded by many as changing the slot game industry forever, as their games were highly volatile, and this initiated an industry-wide shift away from low-variance games. Popular slots include Bonanza Megaways, Dragon Born, Danger High Voltage, Donuts, and Kingmaker Megaways.


A game of chance where players mark off numbers on cards as the numbers are drawn randomly by a caller. The winner is the first to mark off all their numbers. Popular in Europe and North America

Bingo Board

An electronic display board in a bingo hall that shows the numbers that have been called during a game.

Bingo Book

A booklet of bingo cards, usually purchased at the beginning of a bingo night. Allows players to play multiple bingo games without needing to buy additional tickets between rounds.

Bingo Card

A card used in bingo featuring a grid of numbers. Players mark off numbers as they are called in order to complete a pattern and win. Online bingo games often offer auto-marking/scratching, saving players from needing to manually click the numbers on their card.


One of the most popular casino games worldwide. Players attempt to beat the dealer by forming a hand value as close to 21 as possible without going over it. Players play directly against the dealer and are dealt two cards. They can draw more cards (hit), keep their current hand value (stand), split, double, surrender, or, in some cases, take insurance.


In poker, a card that appears to help no one. “The dealer dealt a blank on the river, so I was still confident I had the best hand.”


Mandatory poker bets that the two players to the immediate left of the dealer must place. See; Big Blind, Small Blind.


In poker, a card held by a player that decreases the likelihood of an opponent having a specific hand, because the player holding the blocker believes the blocker itself is required by their opponent.

Blueprint Gaming

A leading UK-based game studio that creates well known video slots for the land-based and online gambling markets. Owned by the Merkur Group, previously the Gauselmann Group. Blueprint Gaming created the well-known Jackpot King progressive jackpot which is found in many of their games. Popular Blueprint Gaming slots include King Kong Cash Megaways, Top Cat, Spinal Tap, Genie Jackpots, and Wish Upon a Jackpot.


In poker, an attempt to make a player with a stronger hand throw it away. Bluffing is an integral part of poker, but it takes a lot of practice to perfect.

Bluff Catcher

A poker hand that can only win against a bluff. It's not strong enough to bet for value but good enough to call a suspected bluff.


The community cards in poker games like Texas Hold'em and Omaha that are shared by all players. “When the board was dealt, I hit my set.”


In poker, slang for a full house; a hand containing three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank. I.e.; 3-3-3-5-5.


  1. A feature in most video slots and slot machines. See also; bonus feature.
  2. A casino promotion where players are awarded free spins, bonus chips, cashback, or other perks.

Bonus Buy

A feature in some slots where players can pay a fixed price to skip the base game and trigger the main bonus round immediately. See also; Feature Buy.

Bonus Feature

Special features in slot games and some casino games which are usually triggered by landing scatter symbols or bonus symbols. Bonus features can include free spins, instant win prizes, enhanced reels, re-spins, and more.

Bonus Hunting

  1. The practice of joining multiple online casinos to claim their welcome bonuses and try to turn a profit without intending to become a regular player. 
  2. In the online gambling streaming community, bonus hunting - or a bonus hunt - refers to the streamer collecting multiple bonuses off-stream, and then opening them all while live or while recording.

Bonus Multiplier

A feature in some slot machines that multiplies winnings by a multiplier under certain conditions - often during bonus rounds or when special symbols land on the reels.

Bonus Round

In video slots (and, occasionally, live and casino table games) a special bonus feature that generally offers enhanced win potential. Often delivered in the form of free spins, mini-games, or a "Pick Me Bonus".

Book-of Slots

A popular slot game genre characterized by an expanding symbol mechanic in the bonus round, first popularized by Novomatic with Book of Ra and later by Play'n Go with Book of Dead. Today, hundreds of Book-of slots exist, with most game developers including at least one in their game library.


An organization or person that accepts bets on sports and other events at agreed-upon odds. “The bookie was offering great odds, so I placed a bet.”

Bottom Pair

In poker, making a pair with the lowest card on the board. It's a weak hand that is easily beaten by higher pairs.

Branded Slots

Slot games based on popular brands, movies, TV shows, or characters. They often feature official content and themes from the original material. Examples include Game of Thrones, Motorhead, Bates Motel, and Highlander.


In poker tournaments, a pre-scheduled break, usually lasting between 15 and 60 minutes. In bigger tournaments, breaks can last 24 hours or longer.

Break-Even Point

The point at which gains equal losses, indicating that a player has won the same amount of money they have staked.

Breaking the Bank

In land-based casinos, it refers to when a player wins more money than the table can pay. Players may be instructed to go to the casino cage to collect their winnings, or additional chips may be brought to the table.


In poker, a card that does not improve a player's hand. Often used to describe a card that changes very little and is unlikely to help anyone involved in the pot.


In poker, a straight from ten through ace with all five cards of consecutive ranks. It's the highest possible straight.


In poker, slang for a pair of aces in Texas Hold’em games. Usually, it refers to a pocket pair only.

Buried Pair

In poker, particularly in stud games, a buried pair refers to a pair that is dealt face down as part of the player's hole cards. This pair is not visible to other players.

Burn Card

A requirement at many casinos on card-based casino table games where the top card of the deck is discarded before dealing the next round of cards. This is done to prevent cheating.


  1. In blackjack, to go bust means to draw cards that total more than 21, which results in an instant loss.
  2. In poker, “going bust” means losing all of one’s chips, leading to elimination.


A marker used in poker to indicate the dealer's position for that hand. The button moves clockwise around the table after each hand, and its position determines the betting order.


  1. The amount of money required to enter a poker game or tournament.
  2. The minimum amount of money to sit down at a casino table game; usually reserved for high-limit tables.


The area in a casino where players exchange chips for cash, cash checks, or conduct other financial transactions. See also; cashier’s desk.


In poker, to match the current bet without putting in a raise. If a player wants to call another player’s bet, they must match the amount to continue in the hand.

Calling Station

A poker player who frequently calls bets and rarely raises or folds, regardless of the strength of their hand. Many players like playing against calling stations as they often pay off hands with the losing hand. However, they can also be very difficult to bluff.

Canadian Line

A betting line often used in ice hockey that combines a point spread and a money line. It provides two ways to win: by the team winning the game or by the team beating the spread.

Capping a Bet

The illegal act of adding more chips to a bet after the deal has started. Usually done after a spin or hand has finished and the cheater knows they’ve won; they, or an accomplice, will then attempt to distract the dealer when the cheater places additional chips onto the stack.

Card Counting

A strategy in blackjack where players keep track of the high and low cards that have been dealt to gain an advantage over the casino by predicting the likelihood of the next cards. The basic premise of card counting works on keeping a count; when the odds imply more high cards are due to be dealt, card counters increase their bet. Not usually illegal, but casinos will eject and ban card counters when they catch them.

Card Shark (or Card Sharp)

A skilled card player, particularly in poker or other card-based casino games. The term sometimes refers to players who are able to use their above-average card-handling skills to take advantage of less experienced players.

Card Washing

A shuffling technique where the dealer spreads the cards on the table and mixes them around with their hands before stacking them up to shuffle them normally. Card washing is required at most land-based casinos to ensure fairness and prevent dealers from colluding with players by rigging the deck.

Caribbean Stud Poker

A casino table game similar to traditional five-card stud poker, but played against the house rather than other players. Most Caribbean Stud Poker games have a progressive jackpot attached, too.


A grouping of slot machines arranged in a circle or oval formation on a casino floor, allowing for centralized service and security.

Cascading/Collapsing Reels

A feature in some slot games where winning symbols are removed from the reels after a win is formed, allowing new symbols to drop down and take their place, potentially creating additional wins. See also; Tumbling Reels.

Cash Bonus

A type of bonus offered by casinos where players receive an amount of cash to use on games. Cash bonuses usually have terms and conditions like wagering requirements and maximum cashout limits.


  1. The process of withdrawing money from an online casino.
  2. A player leaving a casino game in a land-based casino and converting their chips into cash.


A bonus offered at some casinos where a percentage of the player's losses are returned to them. In the online gambling world, cashback is often part of a loyalty program or VIP scheme.

Cashier’s Desk

The area in a casino where players can buy chips, cash out their winnings, or conduct other financial transactions.

Cashout Time

The amount of time it takes for a casino to process a player's withdrawal request. Different to the pending or processing time, as cashout time usually refers to the time it takes for the money to physically reach the player’s account.


An establishment that offers casino games and other facilities like restaurants and shows. Land-based casinos are often part of hotel complexes. Online casinos offer the same gaming services but, naturally, not any of the physical amenities. 

Casino Tournament

A tournament held by a land-based or online casino where players compete against each other in specific games, such as slots or poker. Usually, players are given a number of free chips, and a time frame and need to try and win as much as possible before the time runs out.

Casino War

A card game based on the game of War. Players and the dealer receive one card each, and the higher card wins. Ties lead to a "war" where the potential winnings increase.

Chalk Player

A sports bettor who usually bets on the favorites. In doing so, they are perceived as making “safe” bets.


To continue betting in hopes of recouping losses, often leading to further losses. Most people consider chasing losses to be a sign of problem gambling.


In poker, to decline to bet when it's your turn, without folding your hand. It passes the action to the next player if no bet has been made.

Check in the Dark

A move in poker where a player decides to check before the next community card is revealed, regardless of the card's value. Once a player checks in the dark, they are bound to stick to it, even if the dealer deals a card that helps improve their hand.

Check Raise

A poker move where a player checks early in a betting round, hoping someone else will make a bet. If someone does, the original checker will then put in a raise. A check-raise often indicates extreme strength or weakness.

Checked Around

In poker, when all players check during a round of betting, resulting in no bets placed and the next card being dealt or the hand being shown.

Chemin De Fer

A European version of baccarat where one player acts as the banker, deals the cards, and takes the bets against their hand.

Chinese Poker

A poker-inspired card game where players receive 13 cards and divide them into three hands. The goal is to win two or more of the three hands against the opponents.

Chip and a Chair

A well-known poker phrase meaning that as long as a player has just one chip and a seat at the table, they have a chance to win.

Chip Tray

The tray in front of a dealer at a gaming table where the chips are stored. It organizes chips by denomination, making it easier for dealers to manage payouts and bets.


Physical chips or discs which are used instead of banknotes or coins in casinos. Chips come in various denominations and are what players bet with at the tables.


In poker, to split the pot between two or more players rather than one player taking it all. This can happen when a tie occurs or when players agree to “chop the pot” to avoid playing the remainder of the hand.

Chop the Blinds

In poker, when all players fold to the blinds, and the small and big blind decide to take back their bets instead of playing the hand. This type of agreement isn’t always allowed and is only possible in cash games.

Classic Slots

A term used to describe retro or retro-inspired slot machines that mimic the original mechanical slot machines. Generally, classic slots feature three reels and a maximum of five paylines - sometimes just one. Symbols are often basic: fruit, bars, and sevens.

Closing Line

The final betting line before a game or event begins. It reflects all adjustments made due to bets placed, news, and any other factors influencing the odds.

Cluster Pays

A feature in some slot games where wins are awarded based on clusters of symbols touching each other rather than symbols landing on a payline. Cluster slots generally require six or eight matching symbols to form a win. 


In slot machines, coins represent the credits used to make bets. The term can also refer to the physical coins used in older slot machines.


A player or machine that is on a losing streak or a game where the house is winning more than usual. “That game was playing so cold last night.”

Cold Call

In poker, to call a bet after there has been a bet and a raise before it's a player’s turn to act. It's often seen as a strong move because the player is calling multiple bets at once.

Cold Streak

A period during which a player experiences an extended run of bad luck or losses.

Cold Table

A craps table where shooters are not making their points or winning bets, meaning most players at the table are losing money. “That was one heck of a cold table last night.”

Coloring Up

A term used to describe the process of exchanging small value chips for larger ones. Usually done when a player leaves the table, making it easier to carry their chips.

Column Bet

In roulette, a bet that’s placed on one of the three columns of 12 numbers on the roulette layout. If a number lands in the column a bet has been placed on, wagers are paid at 2:1.

Combination Bet

A bet that covers multiple outcomes within a single wager, often used in roulette and sports betting to increase the chances of winning.

Combination Ticket

In keno, a ticket on which the player makes several bets. In doing so, the bettor combines groups of numbers in different ways to try and increase the chances of winning.

Combo Draw

In poker, a hand that has multiple draw possibilities, such as both a straight and a flush draw. “I decided to call his all-in because I had a combo draw.”

Come Bet

In craps, a bet made after the come-out roll that works like a Pass Line bet but is made on rolls after the initial one.


The first roll of the dice in a round of craps, which determines the point for Pass and Don't Pass Line bets.


A fee taken by the casino or gambling operator. In card games like Baccarat, a commission is often taken on bets placed on the banker's hand.

Community Cards

In poker, and some casino table games, cards that are dealt face up in the middle of the poker table. Community cards can be used by all players to form and improve their hand, in games like Texas Hold'em and Omaha.

Comp Hustling

A strategy used by some gamblers to maximize the value of complimentary services ("comps") offered by casinos. One common method of comp hustling is to try and make it look like they’re playing at higher stakes than they actually are.

Comp Points

Points earned by players for making bets and playing games in a casino, also known as loyalty points. Once enough comp points have been accumulated, they can be exchanged for rewards and bonuses like free spins, free chips, and, sometimes, physical gifts and event tickets.


In poker, two or more cards in sequence that have the potential to make a straight. For example, 7-8 or 9-10. Usually refers to cards of different suits, as connected cards of the same suit are referred to as suited connectors.

Continuation Bet

In poker, a bet made on the flop by the player who raised before the flop. Usually refers to Texas Hold'em poker, and, for most players, it’s a bet that’s made regardless of whether the flop improved their hand.

Corner Bet

In roulette, a bet that’s placed at the intersection of four numbers. The chip placed is then split evenly bewteen these four numbers, and if any of them land, the bet is a winner. 


To beat a strong hand, especially in poker. For example, "cracking aces" means to beat a player holding pocket aces.

Cracking the Nut

A slang phrase that means a player or group of players make enough money on a gambling trip to cover the cost of the trip and walk away with a significant profit.

Craig Slots

An online gambling streamer who became well liked due to his down to earth, often erratic nature. An avid motorbike rider and an ex-doorman, Craig Slots amassed a modest YouTube following before his original account was banned. On a new channel, he continues to upload online gambling content and occasionally streams, albeit at a much lower frequency than before.


A dice game played in casinos where players bet on the outcome of a roll, or a series of rolls, of a pair of dice. Players can choose from many betting options. Craps is played in rounds and is famous for its low house edge; in certain scenarios, the odds can even shift in favor of the player for a short period.

Crazy Time

A live casino game developed by Evolution (previously Evolution Gaming) - one of their most popular releases to date. It features a large spinning wheel. Players can bet on which numbers will land or cover bonus segments. Bonus games include Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time.


  1. In casino games (though rarely used) referencing the amount of money a player has available to gamble.
  2. In slot machines, the number of coins or “credits” the player has in the machine. (I don’t have much credit left, so I must insert more money.”
  3. The act of a casino providing credit - a loan - to a player. It is illegal in many countries, though some US states allow it.

Credit Button

In slot machines, a button that allows players to play credits already deposited into the machine without inserting more money. It’s rarely found in online games; if it is, it’s usually older NetEnt or Microgaming titles.


See; dealer.

CSM (Continuous Shuffling Machine)

A machine used in many land-based casinos that continuously shuffles the cards, making it harder for card counters to gain an advantage. Also reduces time bewteen hands, and removes the need for manual shuffling between hands.

Curacao eGaming (Cyberluck Curacao N.V. (Curacao-egaming) 1668/JAZ)

One of the six Master License holders in Curacao operating under the 1668/JAZ license. Considered one of the worst Master License holders, due to their policy of failing to take action against rogue operators - including sites that are proven to run fake/pirated games. Despite claiming to resolve player complaints, they very rarely act.

Curacao Gaming Authority (CGA)

The Curacao Gaming Authority (CGA) is a regulatory body that was established in 2023 as part of Curacao’s online gambling regulatory overhaul. The CGA will be responsible for issuing gambling licenses and ensuring licensees adhere to the LOK, legislation designed to turn Curacao around and move the Caribbean island out of financial blacklists around the world. The changes are still a work in progress and it remains to be seen how they will be implemented (if at all.)


In card games, to divide the deck into two parts after it has been shuffled. Cuts take place before any cards are dealt as a way of ensuring the dealer/players/employees aren’t able to tamper and manipulate the deck. Some land-based casinos allow players to cut the deck, while others have the dealers do it.

Cut Off

The position to the right of the dealer or button in poker. The player in the cut off is second-last to act. Considered one of the most powerful positions on the table due to having the advantage of acting late in the hand.


A term often used in video poker to describe the average number of hands played before hitting a particular winning hand. I.e., “how many more hands in this cycle before I hit the royal flush.”

D’Alembert Betting System

A betting strategy used in casino games, particularly roulette. Players increase their bet size by one unit after a loss, and decrease it by one after a win. This is based on the belief that a win is more likely following a loss, and vice versa. Like all betting systems, it’s ineffective.

Dead Heat

In sports betting, a situation where two or more competitors tie a race or contest. In most sports, a dead heat results in payouts being divided among the winners.


  1. The process of distributing cards from a deck, or shuffling machine, to players.
  2. Refers to a specific casino bonus or promotion. “This sign-up deal is fantastic.”

Deal or No Deal Live

A live dealer game from Evolution (previously Evolution Gaming) that’s based on the popular TV show. Players first must “qualify” by spinning a wheel and landing on lit segments. After qualification, a modified round of Deal or No Deal plays out, where briefcases are opened, and players can accept or reject offers.


The person responsible for dealing the cards in card games. Also known as a Croupier. Dealers are also responsible for taking - and paying - bets, and the successful running of the game.


A standard set of 52 playing cards used in most card games. Some games use multiple decks or add jokers. In land-based casinos, decks are usually inspected before being used to ensure no marks or blemishes are present. Most casinos replace decks after a short period, too - often within a few hours.

Deck Penetration

A term used in blackjack to describe the percentage of cards dealt before the dealer reshuffles the deck. Primarily a term used by card counters, as a higher deck penetration allows them to gauge more information about cards left inside the deck.

Degenerate Gambler

A derogatory term for someone who gambles excessively without control. Can refer to both gambling addicts and those who are tilting and appear unable to stop.


The value of a single betting unit, such as a chip or coin, in a casino game. It can also refer to the face value of cash/coins.


To add funds to an online casino or betting account.

Deposit Bonus

A type of casino bonus given to players when they make a deposit. Deposit bonuses can vary in what they entail; common examples include free spins or matched deposit bonuses.

Deposit Limit

A restriction set by gambling platforms or the player themselves on the amount of money that can be deposited into an account over a certain period.

Deposit Method

A payment method by which players can fund their online casino account with. Traditional deposit methods include EWallets, Credit and Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, and, more recently, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.


  1. Slang for a playing card with a value of two.
  2. In craps, a roll of the dice that equals two - i.e., two ones.


Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego. The Spanish regulatory body responsible for the regulation of gaming activities in Spain.

Dice Control

A controversial - sometimes illegal - technique where players attempt to throw dice in a way that influences the outcome. Primarily used in craps, but occasionally in other dice games, too.

Discard Tray

A tray on the table where the dealer places cards that have been played or discarded in card games.

Dog Player

A bettor who usually bets on underdogs in sporting events.


In roulette, a marker that’s placed on the winning number after each spin. Players must not touch any chips - or place additional ones down - until the dealer has removed the dolly.

Don’t Come

A bet in craps made after the come-out roll. It wins if a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled, and loses on a 7 or 11. If another number is rolled, it establishes a point; the bet wins if a 7 is rolled before this number is repeated.

Don’t Pass Line

A bet in craps placed before the come-out roll, betting against the shooter. A Don’t Pass Line bet is a winner if a 2 or 3 is rolled, a tie if a 12 is rolled, and a loss if a 7 or 12 is rolled. If a point is established, the bet wins if a 7 is rolled before the point number.

Door Card

In stud poker games, the first face-up card dealt to each player. It can give players a significant indication of the potential strength of each other's hands.

Double Down

A feature in certain blackjack games that allows players to double their initial bet in exchange for exactly one additional card. Some casinos allow players to double on any two cards, while others allow it on starting hands totalling 9, 10, and 11 only.

Double or Nothing

A wager - often made between friends - that sees the bettor receiving either double their bet, or nothing.

Down Card

A card dealt face down, not visible to other players. Also known as a hole card.

Down to the Felt

A slang phrase that means being completely out of money or chips - effectively rendering a player broke.

Download Casino

An older form of technology that allowed players to download a client to their PC or Macbook, and play at a casino through it. Largely phased out with the invention of Flash and HTML5; some Microgaming and Realtime Gaming (RTG) casinos still offer a downloadable client, however.

Dozen Bet

In roulette, a bet placed on one of three groups of twelve numbers: 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36. Regardless of the group picked, a dozen bet pays out at 2:1.

Dragon Hand

In games like Pai Gow Poker, a hand dealt to an empty seat. Players can bet on this hand, effectively playing two hands in one round. 


In card games, to draw is to take an additional card(s) from the deck. 

Draw Poker

A type of poker where players are dealt a complete hand before the first betting round and then develop their hand by replacing, or "drawing," cards.

Drawing Dead

In poker, when no card left in the deck can turn the hand into a winner, the player is said to be drawing dead.

Drawing Thin

A poker term that means having very few outs; in other words, the player drawing thin has a low chance of hitting a card they need to win the hand.

Dream Catcher

A live casino game show developed by Evolution Gaming, featuring a large vertical wheel that players bet on where it will stop. The first mainstream “Wheel of Fortune” type live game.


A term used in poker to describe a board layout or hand that has little to no potential for flushes or straights. “I felt happy calling his river bet because it was such a dry board.”

eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance)

An independent regulatory body that ensures fairness, security, and trustworthiness in online gambling. Works closely with many regulators, setting technical standards, auditing games, and certifying operators and developers. 


  1. The advantage (edge) a player has over other players, if they're very skilled, hold many chips, or are in a favorable position.
  2. The mathematical advantage a casino (the house) has over players.

Eighty-Sixed (86’d)

A term used to describe a player being banned from a casino, often after they were caught cheating or acting inappropriately.

Elite Turf Club (Telecommunication Information Services Systems N.V. (TISS))

In addition to the previously mentioned four master license holders in Curacao, there is a fifth one known as The Elite Turf Club. Unlike the other four licensees, The Elite Turf Club does not issue sublicenses but operates its own online casino using the master license directly. However, in 2022, the Minister of Finance in Curacao claimed their Master License was no longer valid; the situation today remains unclear.

ELK Studios

A Swedish game studio known for developing highly engaging mobile-focused video slots. Developed Betting Strategies which change players’ stakes automatically depending on the results of previous spins. Popular ELK Studios slots include Voodoo Gold, Wild Toro, Nitropolis, and Ivanhoe.

En Plein

A French term used in roulette, referring to a straight-up bet on a single number.

En Prison

A rule in roulette where even money bets (red/black, even/odd) are "imprisoned" if the ball lands on zero. The bet stays for the next spin, and if the bet wins, the player gets their original bet back.

European Roulette

The most popular version of roulette with a wheel that contains 37 slots: numbers 1-36 and a single zero. It offers better odds to players compared to American Roulette, which includes a double zero.

Even Money Bet

A bet that pays out at 1:1 - so, the amount players bet is the amount they can win. Common on roulette (red/black, odd/even) and blackjack.

Evolution (Previously Evolution Gaming)

The industry leader in live casino technology. Evolution pioneered the live iGaming space, developing games with multiple HD cameras, detailed statistics, chat functions, and a wide variety of games. Popular games include Monopoly LIVE, Crazy Time, Lightning Blackjack, and Dream Catcher.


A digital payment method that allows players to deposit and withdraw quickly without sharing personal bank details directly with gambling sites. Popular EWallets include PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

Expanding Wilds

A feature in some slot games where wild symbols expand to cover an entire reel, increasing the chances of forming winning combinations. In some games, expanding wilds persist for more than one spin, or have a multiplier attached.

Expected Win Rate

The amount a player expects to win (or lose) on average per bet, based on the odds of the games they are playing.


The amount of money a casino could potentially lose from a bet. “Their exposure was too high, so they had no choice but to suspend betting.”


A term used to describe CCTV cameras in casinos. “There was a mix-up with chips on the blackjack table, so the pit boss checked the eye in the sky to see what happened.”

Face Cards

Playing cards that depict people; Kings, Queens, and Jacks. Some players also use the term to describe tens, or sometimes aces.

Face Down Card

A card dealt in poker or casino games that is not visible to players.

Face Up Card

A card dealt in poker or casino games that is visible to all players.


The competitor or outcome in a sporting event that’s considered the most likely to win. Favorites usually have lower odds.

Feature Buy

An option in some slot games allowing players to buy instant entry into the main bonus round. Also known as a bonus buy. Due to responsible gambling concerns, feature buys are banned in certain jurisdictions like the UK.


In baccarat, a device used to hold and dispense the different chips used in the game.

Fifth Street

In poker, particularly in Seven-Card Stud, the third round of betting, when players have five cards.

Final Four

A bet in roulette on the last four numbers on the layout (33, 34, 35, 36).

Final Schnaps

A rare roulette wager in some European casinos where players bet on the final digit of the winning number.

First Base

The first player to receive cards in blackjack, sitting to the immediate left of the dealer.

First Half Bet

A bet that covers the outcome of the first half of a game only.


A poker term for a player who is inexperienced, loses frequently, and is often seen as a target for other players.

Five Card Charlie

A variation of blackjack where players win the hand automatically if they draw five cards without busting. Also known as Pontoon.

Five Card Stud

A poker game where each player is dealt one card face down and one face up, followed by one additional card face up after each round of betting, for a total of five cards.


  1. A poker hand that contains five cards of the same rank. As playing card decks contain only four cards of the same value, this is only possible in games with wild cards, like jokers.
  2. A slot machine win that includes five symbols on adjacent reels. “I hit a five-of-a-kind of the top-paying symbol!”

Fixed Jackpot

A jackpot in a slot game or other casino game that has a predetermined value and does not change or increase in size with player bets.

Fixed Odds

A type of bet where the potential payout is determined when the bet is placed. The odds do not change regardless of how much money other bettors wager or what happens in the market(s).

Flash Casino

An older form of online casino technology that allowed players to play games directly in their web browser without the need to download software. It was seen as revolutionary and replaced the need for downloadable casino clients. Today, however, Flash has been phased out and largely replaced by HTML5.

Flat Betting

A betting strategy where the player bets the same amount each hand/spin/round, never deviating from the bet size.

Flat Call

In poker, to call an opponent’s bet without raising. “He made a small bet on the turn, so I decided to flat call it.”

Flat Top

A slot machine with a fixed jackpot prize as opposed to a progressive jackpot. The in-game jackpot does not increase with each bet made.


In community card poker games like Texas Hold'em and Omaha, the first three cards that are dealt face up after pre-flop betting. A second round of betting then commences before the fourth card - the turn - is dealt.


A poker hand consisting of five cards all of the same suit, not in sequential order. For example, 6-8-10-Q-A of hearts.

FOBT (Fixed Odds Betting Terminal)

A type of electronic gaming machine found in betting shops, allowing players to bet on the outcome of various games and events with fixed odds.


In poker, the act of discarding one’s hand, ending their participation in the hand.


A bet that predicts the exact order of finishers in a race or event, typically used in horse and greyhound racing. For example, predicting the three horses that will place first, second, and third.

Fouling a Hand

In card games, particularly in poker, a mistake that renders a hand void. For example, a player mixing cards with those in the discard pile.

Four Corners

A bingo pattern where the player must cover all four corners of their bingo card to win.


  1. A poker hand that contains four cards of the same rank and one card of another rank, such as four aces and a queen.
  2. Matching four symbols on adjacent reels on a slot machine.

Fourth Street

In seven-card stud poker, the second round of betting is on the fourth card dealt to each player (the first three cards being the hole cards and third street).

Free Card

A term in poker for when a player gets to see the next community card without having to call a bet. “He didn’t bet the turn, so the river was a free card for me.”

Free Play

A type of casino mode that allows players to play casino games without spending any money. Free play mode uses demo credits, so no real money can be won.

Free Spins

  1. A bonus feature in slot games that awards the player a certain number of spins which are then played without any money being deducted from the player’s balance. Many free spin rounds come with modifiers and enhancements like multipliers and extra wilds.
  2. A casino promotion that awards players a set number of free rounds on a slot machine.


A poker tournament that is free to enter but offers real money or prizes to the winners. Some freeroll tournaments offer entries to tournaments with large buy-ins.


A type of poker tournament where players start with a set number of chips and are eliminated when they run out of chips. There are no rebuys or add-ons.

Full House

A poker hand consisting of three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank, e.g., three 8s and two 4s.

Full Ring

A poker game that is played with a full table of players, usually 9 or 10. “Last night, the poker room was packed - I played in a full ring game!”


Bets placed on the outcomes of future events, such as the winner of a championship or season, often with long odds. Fans often place a future on their favorite team to win, for example.


A software program for computers, laptops, and mobile devices that blocks access to online gambling sites and apps. It used to be available as a free app - now, a paid service.

Gamble Feature

A feature in some slot games that gives players the option to gamble their winning from a spin or bonus round. Gamble features often require players to guess the color of a face-down playing card (to double their win), or the correct suit (to quadruple winnings.) Some software providers like Novomatic and Big Time Gaming also offer a ladder gamble.

Gambler’s Fallacy

The incorrect belief that the outcome of a random event is influenced by previous outcomes, such as believing a coin flip is "due" to land on heads after several tails. Commonly seen on the roulette table, when one color has been rolled many times in a row. Players then believe the other color has an increased likelihood of landing on the subsequent spin.

Gambler’s Ruin

A mathematical concept that lays outs the loss of a gambler who bets indefinitely in a game with a negative expected value.

Gaming Curacao (GC) - License #365/JAZ

Gaming Curacao (GC) is one of the four Master License holders in Curacao the government allowed to issue sub-licenses to other online gambling operators. Operating under license number #365/JAZ, little is known about Gaming Curacao, and they have shown no interest in taking action against licensees breaking the law.


A nationwide self-exclusion scheme in the UK that allows any UK resident to self-exclude from all online gambling companies licensed in Great Britain. Any online gambling operator in the UK is now required to integrate with GAMSTOP.

Garbage Hand

A poker hand that is weak, unlikely to win, and rarely played.


Commonly used in gaming to mean "good game," often said at the end of a game as a sign of good sportsmanship. In poker, it’s often said by a player who’s lost an all-in as a means of congratulating his opponent.


A feature in some slot games developed by Yggdrasil Gaming, where blocks of oversized symbols can appear on the reels, potentially leading to significant wins.

GLI (Gaming Laboratories International)

An independent testing and certification laboratory for gaming devices and systems, ensuring they meet regulatory standards and are fair to use. Accredited by many online gambling regulators to test and certify games, ensuring they are random and fair.

GPWA (Gambling Portal Webmasters Association)

A website that connects and supports webmasters who are active in the online gambling industry - largely affiliates. The site provides resources, community support, and its seal system - although participation on the site’s forum has declined in recent years.

Grand Salami

An unusual bet in sports betting - particularly in baseball and hockey - that requires the bettor to predict the total number of runs or goals scored in all games on a particular day


A term often used in poker to refer to a player who plays for very long periods, often with little change to their chip stack, who’s happy to wait around for the right spot to make a large profit. “It was a brutal six-hour grind, but I doubled my chip stack at the end of the night.”

Gross Winnings

The total amount of money won from gambling before deducting any expenses, taxes, or losses.

GSC (Gambling Supervision Commission)

A regulatory body responsible for overseeing and regulating gambling activities in a specific jurisdiction, such as the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC).


A poker term for an inside straight draw where only one card will complete a straight. For example, holding a 5-6-8-9 and needing a 7 to complete the hand.

Half Time Bet

A sports betting wager placed on the outcome or score of a game at halftime, separate from the final game outcome. I.e., which soccer team will be winning when the halftime whistle is blown.


Slang for a bet of fifty cents.


The set of cards dealt to a player in a card game or the particular combination of cards that a player holds.


In sports betting, a handicap is a system used to even the odds between two unevenly matched teams. This allows punters to bet on matches when, normally, the odds would be too short to make the bet worthwhile.

Hard Count

In land-based casinos, the process of counting coins and tokens in a hard count room, typically performed under strict security measures.

Hard Hand

In blackjack, a hand without an ace is valued as 11, meaning the hand does not have flexibility in its total value. If a player hits a hard hand and goes over 21, they bust and lose their stake.

Heads Up

A poker game where only two players are involved in the play, often the final two players in a tournament. Heads-up cash games are also available, though rarely offline, due to the high running costs associated with them.


Placing bets on multiple outcomes to guarantee a profit or minimize potential losses, often used in sports betting and financial markets. Where the term “hedging your bets” comes from.


A popular card game or betting strategy that involves predicting whether the next card will be higher or lower than the previous one. Available at many online casinos as an instant win game.

High Bet

A roulette bet placed on the high numbers on the table (19-36). Pays out at even money.

High Card

In poker, the lowest-ranking hand, where the value of the hand is determined by the highest card it contains.

High Roller

A gambler who consistently wagers large amounts of money. High rollers often receive preferential treatment at casinos.

High Volatility

In slot games, high volatility refers to games that pay out less frequently but tend to offer larger payouts when they do. High volatility slots have become increasingly popular in recent years with trends showing players want higher win potential.


In blackjack, to request an additional card from the dealer. In slots, to hit means to land a win - often a big one. “That was an incredible hit!”

Hit Frequency

The average frequency at which a slot machine awards a win. Generally, slots with a higher hit frequency award more regular, albeit smaller wins - while the opposite is true for those with lower hit frequencies. Often displayed as a fraction. “This slot machine has a one-in-three hit frequency.

Hold & Win

A feature in some slot games where certain symbols stick in place for a number of spins, offering the chance for higher payouts. Hold & Win games have seen an exponential increase in popularity in recent years. It can also incorporate jackpots - progressive and localized.

Hole Card

In card games, a card dealt face down to a player. In blackjack, it refers to the dealer's card that is face down until players have made all their decisions.

Honeymoon Period

The perception that when a new game is released, or when joining a new casino, wins are more frequent than normal. Akin to a conspiracy theory; some believe game developers initially release games with higher RTPs to attract players, only to then decrease payout frequencies later on. 


In sports betting, a half-point added to point spreads and game totals to avoid a tie.

Horn Bet

In craps, a single bet that’s divided equally among the numbers 2, 3, 11, and 12. It's considered a high-risk, high-reward bet. It has a high house edge.


Referring to a player on a winning streak or a slot machine that is paying out frequently. “The slot was hot, so I decided to increase my bet to more than normal.

Hot Streak

A period during which a gambler or a casino game experiences frequent wins.

Hot Table

In casinos, a table that is “playing well” - that is, players are winning more frequently than normal. This often results in more players sitting down at the table, believing it’s in a hot streak.


Another term for a casino or gambling business, referring to the person or company offering the games, taking bets, and paying winnings.

House Edge

The mathematical advantage that a gambling game, and therefore the casino or house, has over players in the long run. Usually expressed as a percentage that represents the average gross profit that the casino expects to make from each game. A game with a higher house edge means the casino can expect to make more money from players and vice versa.

House Rules

The specific rules set by a casino on how games are played, what the betting limits are, how payouts are calculated, and more. While most casino games follow standardized rules, it’s not uncommon for different casinos to implement slight variations.

House Way

In games like Pai Gow Poker, the set of rules that the dealer must follow when setting their hand.

Idiot End

In poker, holding the lower end of a straight that is easily beaten by the higher end. For example, having 4-5-6-7-8 when someone else holds 6-7-8-9-10.

IGT (International Game Technology)

One of the world’s largest - and oldest - casino and sports betting developing. IGT is involved in everything from game development to back-end solutions. Well known for their slots, including Kitty Glitter, Family Guy, and Cleopatra.

Implied Odds

In poker, the potential profitability of a bet or call, considering not only the current pot odds but also the expected future rewards. Used by professionals to determine the long-term profitability of certain players.

In and Out Teaser

A type of sports bet that allows adjustments to the point spread or total in both directions, increasing the chances of winning the bet.

Infinity Reels

An innovative slot feature developed by ReelPlay where additional reels are added indefinitely with each consecutive win. Many games offer enhancements each time a new reel is added, like an increasing multiplier.

Inside Bet

In roulette, a bet placed on the numbers inside the layout, such as single numbers or small groups of numbers. Inside bets offer higher payouts than outside bets

Inside Straight Draw

A poker hand that requires a specific card to complete a straight. For example, holding 4-5-7-8 requires a 6 to complete the straight.

Instant Cash Prize

A monetary prize that can be immediately withdrawn or credited to a player’s account. Often found in casino bonuses or as part of a slot machines’ feature.

Instant Casino

An online casino that allows players to play games directly through their web browser without the need to download software. Instant casinos are now the industry standard thanks to HTML5 technology.

Instant Win Games

Games that offer instant cash prizes, like scratch cards. They are usually seen as novelty games with limited win potential.


In blackjack, a side bet that the dealer has blackjack when their up card is an ace. It's generally considered a poor bet for players.

Irregular Playing Patterns

Unusual or strategic playing behaviors that casinos monitor for, often in the context of bonus abuse or fraud. A controversial term for many, as some casinos do not specify what players can and can’t do in regards to irregular betting.


In poker, to make a bet or raise with the intention of facing a single opponent, thereby isolating them from the rest of the table.


The highest prize in a slot or other casino game. A progressive jackpot is pooled - each time a player plays, a small portion of their stake is deducted and added to the ever-increasing jackpot. A localized jackpot is fixed to a specific machine/game.

Jacks or Better

A common variant of video poker where payouts begin with a pair of jacks or higher. Available in multiple variations, with some games offering side bets, jackpots, and multi-hand functionality.

Jimbo Casino (Jimbo's Slots and Gambling Channel)

A semi-popular YouTube streamer who’s part of Gambling Den. Operated by an ex-chef called James, Jimbo Casino became popular around 2017 by recording his gambling sessions - slots bonuses, in particular - and uploading them alongside humorous commentary.


A (usually playing card) that acts as a wild, able to substitute for any other card to complete a winning hand in certain games.

Kelly Criterion

A betting strategy that is based on guiding the player on how much to bet depending on the odds and advantage.


A lottery-style gambling game where players choose numbers from a board; winning numbers are then drawn at random. Similar to lottery draws. Like lottos, the odds are skewed heavily against the player; some online Keno games have house edges as high as 40%+.


In poker, an unmatched card that accompanies a pair or better, which can determine the winner if two players have the same hand.

Knock-out Tournaments

Poker tournaments where no re-buys are available; once a player is knocked out, they are permanently eliminated.

Konami Gaming

A major developer and manufacturer of slot machines and casino management systems, known for transferring popular video game titles into slot games. Popular titles include Heart of Romance, China Shores, and Fortune Stacks.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

Regulatory requirements that ensure gambling operators verify the identity, age, address, and other personal details of their customers. Mandatory in many online gambling jurisdictions and usually involves players uploading a copy of their ID and proof of address. Automated systems are now available, allowing KYC checks to be completed nearly instantly.

La Grande

The best natural hand in baccarat, consisting of two cards that total nine.

La Petite

The second-best natural hand in baccarat, consisting of two cards that total eight.

Ladder Gamble

An optional gamble feature found in certain slot machines that offers players a chance to increase their winnings through a risk-based mini-game. After a winning spin, players can choose to gamble their prize on a ladder-style game, where correct “clicks” climb the ladder for higher prizes, while losing ones result in moving down the ladder or losing outright. Novomatic and Big Time Gaming (BTG) are both known for offering ladder gamblers in some of their games.


In baccarat, a casino employee who supervises the game from a chair above the table. Usually reserved for high-limit tables or casinos where there is a lot of activity.

Lay Bet

A bet in craps that a point number will not be rolled before a seven is rolled. It's the opposite of a buy bet.

Lay Down

To fold or give up a hand in poker. “I’m going to lay down my hand because I think you have me beat.”

Lay Odds

Offering a bet with odds favorable to the other player, typically found in craps.

Let it Ride

A casino table game based on poker where players bet on beating the dealer with a five-card hand. Three cards are dealt to each player, and two community cards are dealt face-up.


The former name for the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the regulatory body responsible for all forms of gambling in Malta.

Lightning Dice

A live casino game by Evolution Gaming where three dice are dropped, and players must bet on the total sum of the dice. Multipliers can randomly be awarded, significantly increasing payouts.


The maximum or minimum bet allowed in a game. It also refers to games with fixed betting limits. “The roulette table had a betting limit of $5-$200.”


Predefined boundaries set on bets, losses, or gameplay to promote responsible gambling.


In poker, to enter the pot by calling the big blind instead of raising. “He limped into the pot.”


The odds or point spread on a game or event.

Line Bet

A bet on six numbers in roulette, covering two adjacent rows of three numbers on the layout


The person or group responsible for setting the initial betting lines or odds for sporting events in casinos or sportsbooks. Often referred to simply as bookmakers.

Little Joe

A slang phrase in Craps to describe rolling a four with the dice.

Live Dealer Games

Online casino games that feature real human dealers interacting with players through live video streaming. Live casinos have revolutionized the iGaming world in recent years, and everything from roulette and blackjack to live slots are now available. Popular live game developers include Evolution (previously Evolution Gaming), Playtech, Pragmatic Play, Ezugi, and Authentic Gaming.


The main page or area in an online casino where players can access different games. Many casinos have a separate landing page; once logged in, players are redirected to a game lobby.


In sports betting, a term used to describe a bet that is perceived as being “guaranteed to win.”


A bet that has a low probability of winning but offers a high payout. “That horse is a long shot, but I’m going to have a punt.”


In poker, a term to describe a player who gets involved in a lot of hands, makes marginal calls, and, to some, appears to have more money than sense.

Loose Slot

A term used by some players to describe a slot that’s on a ‘streak’ or that appears to pay out either more than normally, or more than it should.

Loss Limit

A responsible gambling feature offered at some online casinos that allows players to set a monetary figure on the amount they can lose. Once the limit is reached, further wagering is restricted until a per-set time frame has passed.

Low Bet

In roulette, a bet that the next number will be low (1-18). It can also refer to players placing small bets on other casino games.

Low Hand

In poker variants like Omaha Hi/Lo, the hand with the lowest value. Different games have different rules for what constitutes a low hand.

Low Poker

Poker games where the lowest poker hand wins, as opposed to the highest. Essentially, it is the ‘opposite’ of standard poker. Rarely played at casinos, often played between friends for fun.

Low Roller

A gambler who typically plays at lower stakes tables or makes small bets. It can also be used to describe a table with low betting limits; “there were plenty of low roller tables available.”

Low Triple

In dice games like Sic Bo, betting that all three dice will show low numbers (1, 2, or 3).

Low Volatility

Used primarily to describe slot games that pay frequent wins, but smaller than those typically awarded in medium and high volatile games.

Loyalty Program

A program offered by casinos to reward players for their continued play. Rewards can include free spins, bonuses, faster cashouts, dedicated customer support, and, sometimes, physical gifts. It can be separate from a VIP program or the same, casino dependent.

Lump Sum

A large single payment of money, as opposed to payments broken into smaller installments. Often used in the context of jackpots or lottery winnings. “He won a lot, but thankfully, the casino paid him his winnings as a lump sum.”

Macau DICJ (Direcção de Inspecção e Coordenação de Jogos)

The regulatory body responsible for overseeing the operation of all casino and gambling activities in Macau.

Manual Flush

A feature at some online casinos that allows players to request the withdrawal of their winnings to be processed immediately. Often confused with a withdrawal lock. Manual flushes are, today, rare.


A line of credit provided by casinos to high-level gamblers or high rollers. It is more common in the US, with many countries having laws preventing land-based casinos from offering such services.

Martingale System

A betting strategy that involves doubling your bet after each loss, with the intention of recouping all previous losses with a single win. In theory, it can work - in reality, it cannot. Table limits are capped, and you, theoretically, need unlimited funds.

Master License (Curacao Gambling License)

In the 1990s, the Curacao government issued six or seven Master Licenses. None have been issued since, and online gambling operators wanting a Curacao license had to apply for a sub-license through one of four Master License holders: Cyberluck Curacao N.V. (Curacao-eGaming), Gaming Curacao (GC), Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V. (CIL), and Antillephone NV.

There are as many as seven Master License Holders, although only four have ever issued sub-licenses. This was a controversial move from day one, and these Master License holders along with the Curacao government, have operated in near complete secrecy, with little known about who’s behind the Master Licenses and how many sites they have sub-licensed.

This led Curacao to become a notoriously shady regulator, and while one or two of the Master License holders have shown some willingness to regulate their sub-licensees, the other two haven’t, allowing casinos to run pirated games, scam players, and sometimes, run money-laundering operations.

However, significant regulatory changes were touted in 2023, with the Dutch Parliament finally applying pressure on the Caribbean island. Under the new rules, master license holders can no longer issue new sub-licenses; they are only permitted to renew existing ones. The Curacao Gaming Authority (CGA) was also formed, although it’s currently unclear how things are actually progressing.


A type of casino promotion that offers players an equal amount of free chips to match their bet under certain conditions.

Maximum Bet

  1. The highest amount of money that can be wagered on a single bet in a casino game. 
  2. The maximum bet you are allowed to place while playing with bonus funds.


  1. Slang for a dealer or player who is skilled in manipulating cards dishonestly.
  2. The ‘workings’ of a video slot. “That game had some really cool bonus mechanics!”

Medium Volatility

A term to describe casino games, but most commonly slot machines, that offer a balanced range of wins. Medium volatility games offer a mix of semi-frequent small wins with the much rarer potential for big wins. Large payouts occur less than in high-volatility slots.

Mega Ball

A live casino game developed by Evolution (previously Evolution Gaming), combining bingo-style mechanics with lottery-style draws and multipliers


A slot game mechanic invented by Big Time Gaming that, for many, revolutionized and permanently changed the online gambling industry. Instead of a fixed number of symbols on each reel, a varying number can land (usually between two and seven), offering a varying number of ways to win on each spin.

MGA (Malta Gaming Authority)

The regulatory body responsible for governing all gaming activities in Malta, one of the leading jurisdictions for online gaming operators. Generally regarded as one of the world’s top regulators, and has worked hard to stamp out corruption.


A leading software provider in the online gambling industry, known for developing some of the first online casino software in 1994 and a wide range of popular slot games. Later developed the Viper casino client and poker network. Known for critically acclaimed slot machines like Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck, Avalon II, and Game of Thrones. Has acquired/partnered with several small studios in recent years, including Foxium, Rabcat, and PearFiction Studios.

Middle Pair

In poker, making a pair with the second highest card on the flop.

Minimum Bet

The smallest amount of money that can be wagered on a single round of a casino game or slot machine.


In poker, failing to hit the cards a player needs to improve their hand on the turn or river. “Darn, I missed - I have nothing but a busted flush draw.”

Mobile Games

Casino or gambling games that can be played on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Usually, it refers to games specifically optimized for mobile devices

Moneyline Bet

A bet on the outcome of a game or event with odds for a straight-up win, without any point spread.


Slang for a £500 note in the UK. In casinos, it can refer to a large amount of money.

Monopoly Live

A live dealer game show created by Evolution Gaming, based on the classic board game Monopoly. It was one of the first game show live dealer games to see global success and combined a large spinning wheel with an augmented reality Monopoly board for bonus rounds.


In poker, a very strong hand that is unlikely to lose. “I was happy to call him all in as I had a monster!”

Move the Line

A betting option that allows bettors to adjust the point spread or total in a game in exchange for different odds.


n poker, the process of folding a hand without showing it to other players. It also refers to the pile of discarded cards in a hand.

Multi-Hand Game

A game that allows players to play multiple hands at once, commonly found in video poker and blackjack.

Multi-line Slots

Slot machines that offer multiple paylines, some of which can be adjusted by players.

Multi-Player Game

A game that involves multiple players simultaneously, either competing against each other or playing cooperatively.

Multi-Race Ticket

In keno, a ticket that is used for multiple consecutive games, allowing the player to use the same numbers for several draws.

Multi-Table Tournament (MTT)

A poker tournament that starts with players spread across multiple tables. As players are eliminated, tables are consolidated until one final table remains. Depending on the tournament’s size, prizes may be awarded to the top three winners or to all players at multiple tables.


  1. A feature in slot games that multiplies winnings by a set number. For example, some wild symbols may apply a 3x multiplier to any wins they help form.
  2. Sometimes used in live dealer games to refer to a player’s total win. A $1 bet, returning $100, would be a 100x win multiplier.

Net Winnings

The total amount won by a player after deducting the amount of their bets.


One of the world’s leading and most recognizable software providers in the iGaming world. Created the first mobile gaming platform - OneTouch - and is known for world-famous games like Starburst, Dead or Alive, Jack and the Beanstalk, Narcos, and Twin Spin. It was later acquired by Evolution (previously Evolution Gaming). 


A parental control software program that allows parents to monitor and restrict their children's online activities. While not specifically designed to block gambling sites, NetNanny can be used to block casinos and gambling content.

Networked Jackpot

See; progressive jackpot.

NextGen Gaming

A well-established and respected developer of online and mobile casino games. Known primarily for slots with unique 3D graphics and nostalgic, if clunky, reels. Popular games include 300 Shields, Bates Motel, The Mask, and Medusa II. Acquired by NYX Interactive, who themselves were acquired by Scientific Games - soon to become SG Digital - now, Light & Wonder.

NGCB (Nevada Gaming Control Board)

The regulatory body responsible for overseeing and regulating all gaming activities within the state of Nevada. Duties involve licensing casinos, conducting investigations, enforcing regulations, and auditing gaming establishments to prevent any illegal or unethical practices.

Nickel Line

In sports betting, it refers to a betting line where the vigorish or juice (the bookmaker's commission) is 5% of the total bet amount. This means that bettors must risk $105 to win $100, as opposed to the standard $110 to win $100 in most betting lines.

Nina from Pasadena

A slang term used in the game of craps to refer to a roll of nine. Used by craps players and enthusiasts at the table.

NJDGE (New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement)

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) is the regulatory agency responsible for overseeing and licensing casinos and online gambling operations in the state of New Jersey. Its primary objective is to protect the public interest by ensuring the integrity and fairness of gaming operations while preventing criminal activities and running background checks on casino employees.

No Action

A bet that is canceled for any reason, with all bets refunded to the bettors.

No Deposit Bonus

A bonus offered by casinos that does not require a player to deposit their own money to claim it, often used to incentivize new players to create an account. The value of no-deposit bonuses usually isn’t much, and terms and conditions are very strict to prevent bonus abusers from creating multiple accounts, causing the casino to lose money. 

No Limit

A betting structure that allows players to bet or raise any amount of chips in their stack at any time. In no-limit poker games, for example, players can bet any amount at any time; there is no limit.

Nolimit City

Nolimit City is a cutting-edge online slot provider known for its innovative, volatile, and highly unique games. They’re responsible for never-before-seen game mechanics like xBomb and xWays. Popular Nolimit City slots include San Quentin, Das xBoot, Mental, and Fire in the Hole.

Non-Negotiable Chips

Chips that must be played at the casino and cannot be exchanged for cash directly.


Games - typically poker - that have extremely high stakes. Some players playing are likely playing at much higher stakes than they’d typically play.


One of the world’s largest and most successful gaming companies, based in Austria. Responsible for mostly slots and a few table games in both the land-based and online markets. Known for its classic games like Book of Ra, Lucky Lady's Charm, Bear Tracks, and Fairy Queen. Until today’s ultra-volatile slots, Novomatic’s games were seen as very volatile. Today, they continue offering solid win potential, and their online games are being pushed out via GreenTube.

Nudge Slot

A type of slot machine that allows the player to move or 'nudge' one or more reels after the spin is completed to create a winning combination.

Nut Low

In high-low split games, the best possible low hand.

Nut Nut

Having the best possible high hand and the best possible low hand in a high-low split game. Not possible in games like Texas Hold’em.


The best possible hand in poker at any given moment. “He had the nuts on every betting street.”


The likelihood of a specific outcome occurring, typically represented as the ratio between the number of favorable outcomes to the number of unfavorable outcomes. In sports betting, for example, the odds show the bookmaker’s opinion of the likelihood of a team or player winning a race or match.

Off the Board

A game or event that bookmakers are not accepting bets on, often due to uncertainty about key variables like player injuries. Markets may also shut if bookmakers feel the markets are being manipulated.


Cards of different suits in poke


A popular variant of poker that, like Texas Hold'em, involves community cards. Players are dealt four "hole" cards and must use exactly two of them, plus three of the five community cards, to make their hand. Many Omaha games are pot-limit, so players can’t bet more than the current pot.

On Tilt

A state in gambling, especially in poker, where a player is not thinking clearly or is playing recklessly due to frustration, often after a bad beat or a series of losses. “Jeez, that guy was on tilt pretty bad after his pocket rockets were cracked.”

One-armed Bandit

A nickname for a slot machine, derived from the lever (arm) on the side of early mechanical slot machines and their ability to leave the player penniless (like a bandit). Rarely seen today; often a collector’s item.


A type of slot machine with only one row where the objective is to line up symbols on a single payline. Known as a ‘classic’ slot machine and rarely played today due to limited win potential.

One-Roll Bet

In craps, a wager that is decided on the next roll of the dice, such as betting on a specific number to come up.

Online Casino

An online website or platform where players can gamble on various games, such as slots, poker, blackjack, and roulette, from their computer or mobile device.

Online Casino Games

Games available to play at online casinos, ranging from traditional table games and slots to live dealer games and video poker. Unlike casino games found in land-based casinos, online casino games are virtual and rely on a random number generator to generate the outcome and result.

Open-Ended Straight Draw

In poker, a hand where a player has four consecutive cards and needs one more at either end to complete a straight. For example, a player may hold 4-5-6-7, meaning any 3 or 8 would give them a straight.

Optimal Strategy

The best possible set of actions a player can take to maximize their chance of winning or minimize their losses over time. Also known as basic strategy.


To win a hand by drawing a better card than the opponent who initially had a better hand in poker.

Outlaw Line

An early betting line before it is adjusted based on the initial reaction from bettors, often used by bookmakers to gauge how the public will bet.

Outside Bet

In roulette, a bet placed on the options outside the main field of numbers, including bets on color, even or odd numbers, and high or low numbers.

Over Card

In poker, a card that is higher than any card on the board.

Over Pair

In poker, a player holding a pair that’s higher than any card on the board.


A bet on whether the total score or points in a game will be over or under a predetermined amount. A common Over/Under bet is in soccer, where punters bet on whether there will be more (over) or less (under) than a pre-set number of corners.


A bet that is significantly larger than the size of the pot in poker, often used to put pressure on opponents. It is also used as a bluff.


The mistaken belief in some gamblers that a particular outcome is more likely to happen because it has not occurred for a while. “The number 15 hasn’t landed on the roulette wheel for 100 spins - it must land soon”


A bet where the odds are in favor of the bettor rather than the house; also refers to a tournament where the guaranteed prize pool is greater than the total of entry fees.

Pai Gow Poker

A casino table game derived from the Chinese game Pai Gow; players are dealt seven cards and must make two poker hands, a five-card hand, and a two-card hand. Some Pai Gow Poker tables offer side bets and progressive jackpots.


Two cards of the same rank. It is commonly used in poker games and casino table games like blackjack.


A single bet that links together two or more individual wagers for a high payout. All the bets must win for a parlay to pay out.


A positive betting system where the player doubles their bet after each win, aiming to capitalize on winning streaks.


In card games, to decline to make a bet; in craps, to bet that the shooter will make their point.

Pass Line

A bet in craps that wins if the come-out roll is 7 or 11 and loses if it's 2, 3, or 12. If another number is rolled, it becomes the point, and the bet wins if the point is rolled again before a 7.


A poker-playing style characterized by checking and calling rather than betting and raising. “He was a passive player, so I was sure he had the nuts when he shoved all in.”


In draw poker, a hand that is strong enough not to require any cards to be drawn, such as a straight, flush, or full house.


The line or lines on a slot machine that symbols must land on to form a win. Some slots have a single payline, while others have five, 10, 20, and more. Modern slots also do away with paylines, using 243-ways-to-win and 1024-ways-to-win mechanics instead.


The amount of money a player wins from a successful bet or game.

Payout Odds

The ratio of the player's winnings to the initial bet, showing how much the player will win from a bet.

Payout Percentage

The percentage of wagered money that is expected to be paid back to players in the form of winnings. It is seen as a measure of the fairness of a casino game and is often regulated by gaming authorities. In most cases, the house edge is the difference between the payout percentage and 100%. For example, a game with a payout percentage of 95% has a house edge of 5%, which means that the casino will keep an average of 5% of all money wagered.


In slots, a table or list that shows the winnings for each combination of symbols. Modern slots often have detailed pay tables explaining how the bonuses and features work. Some jurisdictions also require pay tables to display RTP percentages.

Penny Slot

A slot machine that can be played for as little as one cent per line, making it one of the most affordable casino games.

PGCB (Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board)

The regulatory body overseeing all aspects of gambling in Pennsylvania, including online gambling. Established in 2004, the PGCB is responsible for licensing and regulating casinos, slot machine parlors, online gambling operators, and other gaming-related businesses. It also enforces the state's gambling laws and investigates complaints.

Phantom Bonus

A type of casino bonus that can be wagered but not withdrawn, disappearing from the player's account once a withdrawal is made.

Pick-Me Bonus

A bonus feature in certain slot games where players select from various symbols to reveal hidden prizes. Some pick-me bonuses offer multiple rounds, with larger prizes at later stages. Some pick-me bonuses can also award entry to higher bonuses and features.


An inexperienced or naive gambler who is likely to lose money due to their lack of skill or knowledge. “Hey, a pigeon just sat down at that table - I bet she’ll lose a lot.”


A variation of Texas Hold'em poker where players are dealt three hole cards instead of two, with one card discarded after the flop. Rarely played at casinos, but it is common among friends and gamblers.


An area of a casino where table games are located, typically managed by a pit boss. Players are usually forbidden from entering the pit.

Pit Manager / Pit Boss

In land-based casinos, a high-ranking casino worker who is responsible for the management and supervision of the pit, or a larger section of the casino floor. Often works closely with security teams.


In horse racing, a bet that a horse will finish in either first or second place.

Place Bet

In craps, a bet that a specific number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) will be rolled before a 7.

Play Bonus

A type of bonus offered by online casinos that can be used to place bets but cannot be withdrawn.

Play For Fun

An option offered at most online casinos that allows players to try games without wagering real money, also known as demo or practice mode. In many jurisdictions, like the UK, players must now verify their age before free play games can be played.

Play’n GO

A software company known for developing high-quality online slot games and casino games. Known for their cluster pays grid layout slots. Popular titles include Moon Princess, Book of Dead, Reactoonz, and Viking Runecraft.


One of the leading software providers for online casinos, based in Israel, offering a wide range of slots, table games, and live dealer games. Known for slots like Great Blue, Gladiator Jackpot, and American Dad. Also develops sports betting products and works closely with many large bookmakers in the UK.

Playthrough Requirement

See; wagering requirements.


In card games, a method to shuffle cards where blocks of cards are inserted back into the deck at random positions.

Pocket Cards

The cards dealt face down to each player in poker games like Texas Hold'em and Omaha.

Pocket Pair

In poker, a pair dealt to a player as their hole or pocket cards. I.e. a pair of 2s dealt to a player pre-flop is a pocket pair.


In craps, the number established by the come-out roll (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) that the shooter must roll again before rolling a 7 to win.

Point Spread

The margin of points in which the favored team must win to "cover the spread" in sports betting.


A family of card games that combines gambling, strategy, and skills. Played with between two and nine players, with tournaments often having thousands of participants. Poker is available in many variations, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and 7-Card Stud.


Slang for slot machines in Australia and New Zealand. Not to be confused with video poker.


A card game similar to blackjack, popular in the UK and Australia, with some variations in rules and terms. It is rarely found in land-based casinos due to space constraints but is available online.


A slot mechanic where winning symbols "pop" and are replaced by two new symbols, increasing the reel height and potential ways to win. Popularized by AvatarUX, a game developer whose slots run on the Yggdrasil Platform. Popular PopWins slots include Candy POPWins, HippoPOP, and CritterPOP.


In poker, a player's location in regards to the betting order of the game. Position is very important, and can affect decisions, how much to bet - and when - and when to fold.


To place a required bet, such as a blind in poker, before the cards are dealt. “You need to post your big blind.”


The total amount of money in the middle of the table during a single hand of poker.

Pot Limit

A betting structure in poker where a player can bet or raise any amount up to the size of the total pot. Often announced by the player speaking “pot.”

Pot Odds

The ratio of the current size of the pot to the cost of a contemplated call in poker, used to determine whether calling is expected to be profitable in the long term. “He made the call because he had great pot odds.”


A multi-state lottery game in the United States known for its large jackpots.

Pragmatic Play

A provider of gaming content for online casinos known for slots, live casino games, and bingo. Previously, Top Game. Popular slots include Great Rhino, Sky Bounty, Gates of Olympus, Sweet Bonanza, and Sugar Rush.


The odds or line offered on a bet. “The bookmaker was offering a fantastic price on the favorite horse!”

Progression Betting

A betting strategy that involves adjusting the bet size based on previous results, such as increasing bets after losses. While betting strategies may look solid on paper, they do not work long-term.

Progressive Jackpot / Progressive Slot

A slot machine that offers a progressive jackpot, which grows with every bet placed by players playing that game or a network of connected games. Well-known progressive jackpots include Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, and Gladiator Jackpots. Some casino table games can also feature progressive jackpots.

Prop Bet

A wager on specific events within a game that do not necessarily relate to the game's final outcome, such as betting on which player will score first. It is common at poker tables, though not usually sanctioned by casinos.

Pull Tab

A type of instant win game where players pull open a perforated paper tab to reveal symbols or numbers that can result in a prize. Similar to a scratch card.

Punto Banco

A popular variation of baccarat, where the casino plays as the banker at all times. Players bet on the outcome of two dealt hands, "punto" and "banco."


A bet that results in a tie, where no money is won or lost, often leading to the stake being returned to the bettor.

Push Gaming

One of the world’s largest and most popular slot developers. Known for its volatile, mobile-friendly games with significant payout potential. Popular titles include Tiki Tumble, Razor Shark, Joker Troupe, Retro Tapes, and Big Bamboo.


Poker slang for four of a kind, a hand containing four cards of the same rank.


In poker, especially in high-low split games, a condition that a hand must meet to win a portion of the pot, such as "8 or better to qualify for low."

Quarter Bet

A bet that represents a quarter unit of the currency being used, often found in sports betting and slot games.

Quick Pick

In lottery games, an option that allows the computer to randomly select numbers for the player’s ticket. Some slot machines and virtual casino games also have quick pick options, for example, during a bonus round when picking is required.


A Swedish game studio that develops innovative video slots for real money online gambling and free-to-play social markets. Known for slots like Big Bad Wolf, Dragon Shrine, Sakura Fortune, and Wins of Fortune. Quickspin’s games are generally less volatile than other slots released today.

Rabbit Hunt

In poker, when the hand is over before the final card(s) are dealt, some casinos allow players to rabbit hunt. The dealer will then deal the remaining cards so the table can see what the next card(s) would have been.


A (usually plastic) container used to hold and organize chips on a casino table. Some players also use a personal rack to hold their chips.


In poker, a term used to describe a flop that contains three different suits, making it impossible to complete a flush on the turn card.


In poker, to increase the size of the existing bet in the same betting round. “He put in a raise once the players in front of him called the initial aggressor’s bet.”


The commission taken by the casino or poker room from each hand or tournament entry fee.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

A computer program used in online gaming to generate results for spins, card deals, and other chance elements in casino games. In almost all online gambling jurisdictions, random number generators must be certified by an independent third-party body.


The value of each card and hand in card games, from highest to lowest or vice versa.

Rapid Roulette

A variation of roulette that uses a live dealer and wheel but allows players to place bets on a touchscreen terminal, speeding up the game. Found in land-based casinos.


Placing the same bet as the previous round. Many casino games online allow you to “re-bet” with some allowing you to re-bet x2 - which re-bets the chips but doubles their values.


In poker tournaments, purchasing additional chips after the initial buy-in is usually allowed only when a player's chip count falls below a certain level. Some tournaments allow players to re-buy an unlimited number of times; others cap the number of re-buys.


A feature in some slot games that, when triggered, awards an additional spin without (usually) costing the player any money. Often, these re-spins can continue if additional special symbols land in view on the re-spin

Reality Check

A responsible gambling feature offered at most online casinos that reminds players how long they have been playing and how much they have won or lost during their session. In some jurisdictions like the UK, these reality check messages have a continue or stop playing option.

Red Dog

A card game offered in some casinos, also known as Red Dog Poker or Yablon, where players bet on whether the rank of a third card will fall between the first two cards dealt.

Red Tiger Gaming

A casino game developer known for creating slots with beautiful graphics and innovative gameplay features. They were acquired by NetEnt several years ago. Some of their popular titles include Laser Fruits, Puss in Boots, Wild Wild Chest, Dragon’s Fire, and Gonzo’s Quest Megaways. They also operate a pooled progressive jackpot known as Daily Jackpots.


The vertical positions on a slot machine that spin when the game is played. Traditional slots have three or five reels with symbols on them. Some newer slots have six, seven, or even eight reels.

Relax Gaming

A game developer and supplier known for producing online slots, poker, and bingo games, as well as providing a powerful aggregation platform called Silver Bullet. Popular games include Money Train, Temple Tumble Megaways, Hellcatraz, and Beast Mode.

Reload Bonus

A bonus offered to existing customers by an online casino to encourage them to deposit more money. It usually matches a percentage of the deposit, often 50%.


The amount of money won on a bet or the total amount returned to players over time in a casino game.

Return to Player (RTP)

A percentage of all the wagered money that a slot machine or casino game is expected to pay back to players over time. For example, a slot machine with an RTP of 96% is expected to return an average of $96 to players for every $100 wagered. The casino can expect to make a profit of $4.

Reverse Tells

A poker technique - usually used by skilled players - to deceive or mislead their opponents, doing the opposite of what their hand strength would normally indicate.

Reverse Time / Pending Period

The period a withdrawal request is in a pending state, during which a player can sometimes choose to cancel the withdrawal and have the funds returned to their casino account. Once the reverse time has passed, a withdrawal can no longer be canceled. Also known as a pending period.

Reverse Withdrawal

A feature that allows players to cancel their withdrawal request and return the funds to their casino account to continue playing. It is now outlawed by certain online gambling regulators including the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Rewards Scheme

A program offered by casinos to reward player loyalty, often including comp points, exclusive bonuses, and other benefits. Usually, it is different from a VIP program.


An acronym for Room, Food, and Beverage, which are comps (freebies) given to high rollers and valued casino players.

RGA (Remote Gambling Association)

An abbreviation that is sometimes used to refer to the Remote Gambling Association, which focuses on advancing the interests of online gaming operators.

Ring Game (Cash Game)

A standard poker game where chips represent real money, as opposed to a tournament where chips represent a player's standing. Also known as a cash game.


The final community card dealt in a game of poker, followed by the last round of betting. “He hit his flush on the river.”


In gambling, particularly in craps, a roll refers to the act of throwing the dice. In broader terms, it can also refer to a single round or outcome in dice-based games.

Rolled Up

In poker, especially in Seven Card Stud, being rolled up means starting with three of a kind on the first three cards dealt.


A casino game named after the French word meaning little wheel. Players may choose to place bets on either a single number, various groupings of numbers, the colors red or black, whether the number is odd or even, or if the numbers are high (19–36) or low (1–18). Different variations of the game exist; common ones include European, American, and French roulette. Less-common variations include Double-Ball, Speed, and Multi-Wheel roulette.

Roulette Wheel

The wheel used in the game of roulette, consisting of numbered pockets that alternate between red and black. European roulette wheels have a single zero, while American versions have a zero and a double zero.


The horizontal lines across a slot machine that contain symbols. When these symbols line up on paylines, they can create winning combinations.

Royal Flush

The highest hand in poker, consisting of the A, K, Q, J, and 10 of the same suit. It is unbeatable in most poker games. Many casinos will offer additional jackpot prizes for players who make a royal flush.

Scare Card

A card that appears on the board in poker that could potentially improve an opponent's hand or make your hand look less strong in comparison. It often “freezes” betting, resulting in players checking around.

Scared Money

Refers to playing with money that a player cannot afford to lose, which often affects their playing style. This often results in ultra-conservative play.

Scatter Symbol

In slot games, a symbol that results in a payout or entry to a bonus feature if enough land. Typically, more scatter symbols equate to higher payouts or enhanced bonuses and features.


In high-low split games, to win both the high and the low portions of the pot. Also known as "hogging" the pot.

Scratch Card

A small card made of paper where one or more areas contain concealed information; it can be scratched off to reveal symbols for instant wins. Online scratch cards work identically to those purchased from brick-and-mortar shops.

Second Pair

In poker, a pair that is the second-highest pair on the board. It can also refer to making a pair with the second-highest card in your hand.

Select Lines

In slot games, “select lines” refers to a player’s ability to choose how many paylines they want to play.

Self Exclusion

A responsible gambling tool that allows players to voluntarily ban themselves from casinos and online gambling sites for a set period of time. Once a self-exclusion agreement has been entered into, it’s impossible to reverse until the pre-selected period elapses.


In poker, betting or raising with a hand that is not likely the best hand currently but has the potential to improve to the best hand in later rounds.


In poker, having a three-of-a-kind when holding a pocket pair in Texas Hold'em and hitting a third on the board. “He beat me on the river after he made a set.”

Seven Card Stud

A classic poker game where players are dealt seven cards, with three down cards and four up cards. Players must make the best five-card hand from their seven cards.

Seven Out

In craps, rolling a seven after the point has been established, which ends the shooter's turn and results in a loss for Pass Line bets.

Seventh Street

The final round of betting in Seven Card Stud and Razz, where players have seven cards.

SG (Scientific Games - Now, Light & Wonder)

One of the world’s largest developers of technology-based iGaming products and services, including gaming, lottery, and interactive markets. Acquired well-known game developers like Barcrest, WMS, and Bally. Scientific Games is now owned by Light & Wonder.

SGA (Swedish Gambling Authority)

The regulatory body responsible for ensuring the legality, safety, and compliance of the Swedish gambling and gaming market.


A highly experienced poker player who preys on weaker players known as "fish."

Shifting Wilds

In slot games, wild symbols that shift position across the reels with each spin or during a bonus feature, increasing the chances of winning. Unlimited re-spins are often awarded, continuing until no more wilds remain on screen.


An employee of the casino who plays with house money to keep games running or to fill up empty seats, pretending to be a player to encourage others to join in.


A reflective device or small mirror used by a cheater to secretly see unexposed cards, such as the dealer's hole card in blackjack.


A device used to hold multiple decks of cards, typically used in blackjack to deal cards to players.


The player who is rolling the dice in a game of craps.

Short Stack

A player with a relatively small amount of chips compared to the other players at the table. “He was playing with a short-stack.”


A poker game that is played with six or fewer players at the table. “I went to play poker at the casino last night, but very few players showed up - so we ended up playing short-handed.”


The final phase in a poker hand when the players reveal their cards to determine the winner.


The process of mixing up the cards before dealing them to ensure fairness and randomness in card games. Not relevant in virtual online casino games as physical decks of cards aren’t used. Today, many land-based casinos and live dealer games also use automated shuffling machines.

Shut Out

Being prevented from placing a bet because the game or betting round has already started or closed.

Sic Bo

An ancient Chinese dice game played with three dice. Players bet on the possible outcomes of the roll of the dice. Most Sic Bo tables offer various side bet options.

Side Bet

A wager in addition to the main bet, often with higher odds, on outcomes other than the game's core objective. In blackjack, for example, many side bets exist, like Perfect Pairs and 21+3.

Side Pot

In poker, a separate pot that’s created when one player is all-in and other players continue betting. Side pots ensure all-in players cannot win more than the amount they shoved all-in with, while other players can continue battling it out regardless of the all-in player’s hand.

Sign-Up Bonus

A bonus offered by online casinos to new players for creating an account. Often, it requires a deposit to claim. See also; welcome bonus.

Simple Bet

A straightforward wager on a single outcome, such as the win of a team or the roll of a dice.


A bet on a single outcome or selection, offering a return if that specific choice wins.

Single-Table Tournament (STT)

A poker tournament that is played at a single table, starting when enough players have registered and ending when one player has all the chips.

Sister Site

Online casinos or betting sites operated by the same parent company often sharing similar features, games, and promotions. “Mr.Vegas is a sister site to Videoslots.”

Sixth Street

In Seven-Card Stud poker, the sixth card dealt to each player, and the fourth round of betting.


The illegal technique of diverting a portion of a casino's revenue without declaring it to avoid taxes or hide profits.


In online gambling, a term for a website or mobile app's interface, or in poker networks, different branded front-ends to the same underlying software and games.

Slam Stop

A feature on some slot machines that allows players to stop the reels early - usually by pressing the spin button. In the past, older machines could be occasionally influenced, but that’s no longer possible in modern video slots. Subsequently, today, slam stops are usually attempts to quicken the speed of the spin.

Slot Machine / Slot / Slots

A gambling game found in land-based casinos and online casinos that is built around spinning reels filled with symbols. Players win based on the combination of symbols displayed when the reels stop. Modern slots often contain bonuses and features like free spins, progressive jackpots, and reel modifiers, including wilds and multipliers.

Slot Tournament

A competition where players accumulate points by playing slot machines. Players are usually given free credits and have a certain amount of time, or limited spins, with prizes awarded to those who win the most money. Winners are often calculated by times stake wins.

Slow Play

A strategy in poker where a player with a strong hand acts as though their hand is weak, hoping to deceive opponents into betting more aggressively - thus putting more money into the pot.

Small Bet

In poker, a bet at a lower stake, particularly in fixed-limit games, often in the early rounds of betting.

Small Blind

In poker, the smaller of the two compulsory bets in certain games. Small blinds are posted by the player sitting to the dealer's left before any cards are dealt.

Smooth Call

A term in poker when a player with a strong hand chooses not to raise, calling, instead, to avoid scaring off opponents or to set up a bluff.

Snake Eyes

In craps, a term used to describe the two dice, both rolling ones - giving a total of two. “The shooter rolled snake eyes.”

Soft Hand

In blackjack, a hand containing an ace which is counted as 11. This allows the player flexibility, as it’s impossible for them to go bust by drawing another card.

Source of Wealth (SOW)

A new, controversial regulatory requirement that requires players to prove where their gambling funds come from. Justified under anti-money-laundering prevention. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) was the first to require operators to carry out such checks; their use in other online gambling jurisdictions remains rare.

Speed Bingo

A fast-paced version of bingo with fewer numbers and quicker rounds, usually played at online bingo sites.


To start a round in slot games by activating the reels to spin the reels and begin the next round. “He was ready to play, so he hit the ‘spin’ button.”

Split Hand / Split Pair

In blackjack, if a player is dealt two cards of the same rank, they can split them into two separate hands, each with a separate bet.

Split Pot

A pot in poker that is divided among two or more players with hands of equal value. “They were both playing the board, so it was a split pot.”

Split Ticket

In keno, a ticket that allows players to make multiple bets on the same ticket, dividing it into sections with different number selections.


An illegal activity in casino table games where an individual tries to peek at the dealer's hole card and signal this information to an accomplice.

Sports Lottery

A form of betting, often state-run, where players wager on the outcomes of sports events, similar to a sportsbook but with fixed payouts.


A [physical] place or online site where individuals can bet on various sports competitions, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, horse racing, boxing, and mixed martial arts.


To identify or notice something, such as a dealer's tell in poker or a winning opportunity in betting.


The range of outcomes in a bet, particularly in sports betting, where a favorite must win by a certain number of points or goals to "cover the spread.

Stacked Wilds

A feature in some slot games where wild symbols are stacked - i.e., they can land adjacent to each other, potentially covering the entire reel.

Staggered Payout

A payout structure in some casino games or tournaments where prizes are distributed unevenly across different winners, with the top finishers receiving progressively larger prizes.


The amount of money wagered on a bet or casino game round.


In blackjack, to choose not to take any more cards, or, in other words, being satisfied with the current hand. In a land-based casino, players can indicate they want to stand by verbally announcing it or by using hand gestures. One common gesture to indicate you want to stand is to simply wave your hand horizontally over your cards. Some casinos require the dealer to verify this verbally, however.

Standing Hand

In blackjack, a hand that is likely to win without needing additional cards, typically worth 17 or higher.


A tie in casino games where neither the player nor the dealer wins, often seen in baccarat and blackjack.


A term used to describe a player who is gambling recklessly, often out of frustration or anger from losses. “He lost a big pot playing poker and is now steaming.”

Sticky Bonus

A type of casino bonus that cannot be withdrawn; it stays in your account and can be used for wagering only.

Sticky Wilds

Wild symbols that remain in place on the reels for a certain number of spins, increasing the likelihood of forming winning combinations. Some slot machines have free spins bonuses where wilds stick in place for the duration of the feature.

Stop and Step

A popular gambling YouTube channel, operated by a British man called Darren. He became popular by filming his gambling sessions on FOBTs in bookmakers in the UK. Today, he also streams sessions from online casinos.


An optional and additional blind bet made by a player in poker before the cards are dealt. Straddle bets are worth double the big blind. Not to be confused with blind bets.


A poker hand consisting of five consecutive cards of different suits. I.e., 8-9-10-J-Q of different suits.

Straight Bet

A wager on a single number in roulette or a bet on a single outcome in sports betting.

Straight Flush

A poker hand consisting of five consecutive cards, all in the same suit. I.e., 4-5-6-7-7 of diamonds.

Street Bet

A roulette bet placed on a row of three numbers on the betting layout.

Strong Bet

A large or aggressive bet that suggests a strong hand in poker. “He placed a strong bet on the river.”

Stud Poker

A poker variant where each player receives a mix of face-down and face-up cards dealt in multiple betting rounds.

Sucked Out On

A phrase used in poker when a player with a strong hand loses to an opponent who had a very low chance of winning but managed to get lucky and improve their hand on a later street (i.e., the turn or river). I.e., If a player with a set of tens on the flop loses to an opponent who had a flush draw and hit their flush on the river, the player with the set was "sucked out on." 


One of the four categories into which the cards in a deck are divided: hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades.

Suited Connectors

Consecutive cards of the same suit in poker, offering the potential for both a straight and a flush. 6-7 of diamonds, 9-10 of clubs, and 2-3 of spades are examples of suited connectors

Super Stud

A variation of stud poker.


An option in some blackjack games where a player can forfeit half their stake to end the hand immediately. In doing so, they receive back half of their bet and the round ends.


The images/graphics on slot machine reels that need to line up in certain combinations to win.


A method or strategy used by gamblers to try to gain an advantage. Common examples include the Martingale, Kelly Criterion, and d’Alembert systems.


The surface on which casino games are played, or shorthand for a game (e.g., "playing at the blackjack table").

Table Limits

The minimum and maximum bets allowed at a gaming table. A blackjack table with $50/$5,000 limits would require a minimum bet of $50 and allow a maximum bet of $5,000.

Tai Sai

Another name for sic bo, a casino dice game. It is relatively rare to hear; it is sometimes used in Asian casinos.

Take Odds

An additional craps bet that can be made after a point is established, offering true odds and no house edge.

Taking the Price

Accepting the odds offered on a bet at the time of placing the bet. If the odds later change (for good or worse), winning bets that took the odds are paid out at the taken odds.

Tapped Out

Out of money; unable to continue gambling due to a lack of funds.


A type of sports bet that allows the bettor to adjust the point spread for a game, reducing the risk but also the potential return.


Behaviors or signs that give away information about a player's hand in poker. “Each time he was dealt a strong pocket pair, his hands would tremor ever so slightly.”

Texas Blackout

A relatively unknown, rarely played version of bingo.

Texas Hold’em

A popular variation of poker where players use two hole cards and five community cards to make the best five-card hand.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

A casino table game based on Texas Hold’em but played against the dealer rather than other players.

The Cage

A cash desk located in a land-based casino where players receive and exchange chips.

Third Base

The last player to act in blackjack, located directly to the dealer's right.

Third Street

The first round of betting in seven-card stud, after each player has been dealt three cards.

Three of a Kind

  1. A poker hand consisting of three cards of the same rank.
  2. A term describing a slot machine win with three symbols. “Matching a three-of-a-kind combo of the BAR symbols from left to right awards a win.”

Three-Card Poker

A casino table game based on poker, where players bet against the dealer with the aim of having the best three-card hand. Most three-card poker games offer side bets, like 21+3 and Prime.

Three-line Slot

A slot machine with three horizontal paylines.


A software developer known for creating unique and innovative online slot games. Popular Thunderkick slots include Flame Busters, Pink Elephants, Birds on a Wire, and Beat the Beast: Dragon’s Wrath.


A result in which neither the player nor the house wins, leading to a push. In most casino games, this will result in the player's stake being returned.


A poker player who plays a conservative game, betting only on strong hands. A player who’s perceived to be playing too tightly may cause annoyance to others at the table.


A state of emotional frustration or confusion that leads to poor decisions and aggressive betting in gambling. Often regarded as a poker term; “he was on tilt after losing that huge pot last night!”


A feature offered by online casinos allowing players to take a short break from gambling. Some online gambling regulators, like the UKGC, require time-out facilities to be offered to players. Typically, a time-out lasts at least 24 hours and a maximum of six weeks.

Top Pair

In poker, a pair that includes one of the player's hole cards and the highest card on the board.


A sports betting term that relates to the combined score of both teams in a game, used in over/under betting.

Total Bet

The full amount wagered on a game or spin.

Tote Board

A display that shows betting odds, payouts, and other information for races or sports betting. Commonly found at racetracks and other venues with on-the-spot bookmakers.


A competition involving many players or teams in a game or series of games, with a winner or winners at the end.


A sports bet that involves three selections; all three must win for the bet to be a winning one.


Slang for a three-of-a-kind hand in poker. Commonly used when two of the cards are on the board and one is in your hand.

True Odds

The actual probability of an event occurring, without any house edge included.

Tumbling Reels

A feature in some slot games where winning symbols disappear and are replaced by new symbols, potentially creating additional wins. This process often continues indefinitely until no new wins are formed. Some games increase a multiplier with each winning tumble.


In poker, the fourth community card dealt on the table in Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission)

The regulatory body responsible for overseeing gambling activities in the UK. They issue licenses to on and offline operators and are known for being one of the strictest regulators in iGaming.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

A casino table game that combines the excitement of Texas Hold’em with casino table games. Unlike poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em is played against the dealer rather than players.

Under the Gun

The position at the poker table that is required to act first on the first round of betting.


A poker player, or sports competitor considered less likely to win. An underdog often has higher odds, matching their lower perceived chance of winning.


Betting or playing a strong hand weakly to attempt to deceive opponents.


A standard measurement of the size of a bet in gambling, often based on a percentage of a player's bankroll. For example, a player with a $100 bankroll playing $5 blackjack hands would be staking five units per hand.

Unusual Betting Patterns

Usually, a term that online casinos include in their terms and conditions to cover themselves from players placing even-money bets with bonus funds. A highly controversial term, as some less-reputable casinos refuse to pay winnings based on reported “unusual betting patterns.”

Up Card

A card that is dealt face up, visible to all players.

Up/Down Slot Cycle

The fluctuation of a slot machine's payout rate over time, going through cycles of paying more (up) and less (down).


The measure of the expected return on a bet, indicating a bet is advantageous if the odds are in the bettor's favor.

Value Bet

A poker bet placed by a player who’s confident they hold a winning hand and who wants to entice others to call their bet.


Indicates the volatility of a game and the level of risk involved. Similar to volatility.

Video Poker

A casino game based on five-card draw poker, played on a console similar in size to a slot machine. It is also available online and in multiple variations.

Video Slot

A slot machine that displays reels and symbols on a video screen, offering more features like bonus games and animations than traditional slots.

VIP Player

A high-spending, usually frequent gambler at a casino who’s known for their high stakes play.

VIP Program

A program offered at some online casinos to reward high-spending players. Some casinos call loyalty programs a VIP Program, while others offer them separately.


  1. A player who is new to a game or casino and has yet to win or lose.
  2. A popular casino brand.

Virtual Casino Games

Online games that simulate traditional casino games, using computer graphics and random number generators to determine outcomes.


The level of risk associated with a casino game, indicating how often and how much you can expect to win over a period of playing. Highly volatile means bigger, less frequent wins. A low-volatile game means frequent, smaller wins.


The act of betting money on a game or event outcome.

Wager Limit

  1. A responsible gambling tool that players can self-manage to control the maximum bet they can place. Increasing wager limits generally takes 24 hours while decreases are instant.
  2. A limit imposed by a casino or software provider that limits the maximum stake.

Wagering Requirements

Casino terms that dictate the number of times you must play through a bonus before a withdrawal can be made. For example, a $10 bonus with wagering requirements of 10x would require total bets of $100 (10 x $10) before any winnings could be withdrawn.

Weak Bet

  1. A small poker bet made with a strong hand, attempting to keep other players in the pot. 
  2. A small poker bet that’s generally perceived to be made by a player with a weak hand.

Web Wallet

See EWallet.

Welcome Bonus

A bonus offered to new players when they sign up and make their first deposit at an online casino. Welcome bonuses come in numerous forms, including matched deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback promotions, and free bets.


A poker term used to describe a board that presents numerous draws and potential hand combinations.


A gambler who frequently stakes what most would consider very large amounts of money.

Wild Card

A card that can be used to represent any other card a player chooses, often leading to stronger hands.

Wild Number

In bingo, a number that is automatically marked off on bingo cards at the start of a game.

Wild Symbol

A symbol in slot games that can substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations. Some wild symbols can also expand, explode, shift to adjacent reels, or apply a multiplier value.


Any net-positive result in a gambling game that returns more than your original stake.


A feature in some slot games where winning combinations can be formed from both left to right and right to left.

Winning Combination

A specific arrangement of symbols on a slot machine or a set of cards in poker that results in a win.

Wired Cards

In poker, cards that are dealt consecutively and are of the same rank, making a strong starting hand.


A “clued-up” sports bettor with the knowledge and expertise to consistently place profitable bets.


The process of taking money out of your casino account. Usually, a withdrawal is paid directly to your bank account, EWallet, or cryptocurrency wallet.


A well-known developer and manufacturer of slot machines, now part of Scientific Games (Light & Wonder. They’re known for games like Ruby Slippers, Amazon Queen, Zeus III, and Black Knight II.

Wrong Bettor

A craps player who bets against the shooter, essentially betting that the shooter will lose.

X of a Kind

A term used in slot games to describe a winning combination where "X" number of identical symbols line up on an active payline.


A slot mechanic from Nolimit City that was first introduced in their game "Fire in the Hole xBomb." Refers to an xBomb Wild symbol that, upon exploding, removes adjacent regular pay symbols and increases a win multiplier by +1 for the next collapse. 


A mechanic in some Nolimit City games, first Introduced in 2018 with the "Hot Nudge" slot. Allows wild symbols to nudge to cover an entire reel if they partially appear. For every nudge the Wild makes to cover the reel, its multiplier increases by +1. This creates a stacked wild and offers significant win potential.


A mechanic in NoLimit City slots that increases the number of ways to win by expanding the number of symbols on a reel.


A popular casino game developer known for slots like Easter Island II, Cazino Zeppelin, Gem Rocks, and its Gigablox mechanic titles.


The number on the roulette wheel that’s green. The zero exists to give the casino its house edge. American roulette has a zero and a double zero segment.


A betting strategy, also known as a pattern, that’s used for selecting paylines on multi-line slot machines.

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