The following is a list of European gambling licencing bodies.

UK Gambling Commission: The United Kingdom Gambling Commission was founded in 2005, after the UK Government passed the Gambling Act of 2005 – and the UKGC is generally regarded as the most prestigious and reputable regulator in the world, enforcing very strict operating requirements on its licensees. Known for ensuring players – and their funds – are kept safe at all times, the UK Gambling Commission license shows that an operator has undergone strict vetting, and you can rest assured any site licensed by the Commission is reputable and fair.

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ARJEL (France): 2010 saw France legislators approve the regulation of online gambling, and with this legislative change came the creation of the Autorite de regulation des jeux en ligne – better-known as the ARJEL. Responsible for issuing licenses to French-based gambling companies, the ARJEL is seen as a good regulator – but they have come under criticism for imposing high taxes and fees, making it hard for smaller companies to penetrate the market.

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AAMS (Italy): The Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato – better known as the AAMS – is the regulatory body responsible for regulating online gambling in Italy, and while licenses issued by the AAMS only allow operators to offer gambling services to Italian residents, the license conditions are strict, ensuring that players play in a safe, fair, and secure environment.

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Spanish Gaming Commission (Comisión Nacional del Juego): The Spanish Gaming Commission was founded in 2014 to deal with the newly-regulated online gambling market in Spain – and while the Commission is known for enforcing strict licence conditions on operators, like other European countries, Spanish players are unable to play against or interact with players outside of Spain.

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Gibraltar Licensing Authority: One of the biggest online gambling regulators, the Gibraltar Licensing Authority is – of course – based in Gibraltar… a territory that’s known for attracting online gambling operators, due to low tax rates.

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Gambling Supervision Commission (Isle of Man): The Gambling Supervision Commission is in charge of all betting activity on the Isle of Man – and, founded in 1962, the Commission is widely-regarded as one of the world’s top and most reputable regulators. Offering long license terms, and low tax rates, the Gambling Supervision Commission is much like the Gibraltar Licensing Authority, in that it’s an attractive place for operators to make base.

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Malta Gaming Authority: The Malta Gaming Authority is one of the biggest gambling regulators in the world, and almost all reputable online gambling firms that want to offer services to European players apply for a license from them, given the reputable nature of licenses issued, along with the attractive taxation rates.

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Alderney Gambling Control Commission: The Alderney Gambling Commission was founded in 2000 to regulate gambling companies that wanted to set up base in the British Isles, and – much like the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK’s Gambling Commission – the Alderney Gambling Commission is highly-respected and trusted.

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Jersey Gambling Commission: The Jersey Gambling Commission is in charge of licensing businesses that want to operate within the Channel Island of Jersey – and while the Commission isn’t one of the world’s most recognized, they offer operators attractive taxation rates, meaning it’s likely we’ll see more businesses set up there in the future.

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Belgian Gambling Commission: The Belgian Gambling Commission is one of the strictest gambling regulators in the world, allowing only a select few operators to set up there – and they have become well-known for operating a ‘blacklist’ of operators who’re unable to set up their businesses in Belgium.

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Danish Gambling Authority: The Danish Gambling Authority was first founded in 2012, and the Authority was formed when Danske Spil – a state owned monopoly, that was the only firm allowed to take gambling bets lost its monopoly. Companies that acquire a license from the Danish Gambling Authority are only allowed to offer betting services to Danish residents, and the 20% taxation rate imposed by the Authority has lead to many companies choosing not to acquire a license.

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Netherlands Gaming Authority: The Netherlands Gaming Authority was established in 2012 to regulate all land-based gambling activities. While they are yet to officially regulate online gambling in the Netherlands (which remains a murky area in the eyes of the law), the Netherlands Gaming Authority are a trusted and reputable organisation, and they take player safety extremely seriously.

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