Gaming Corps hope for a ‘Smash Hit’ with Piggy Smash

Gaming Corps, the Swedish casino game developer, is starting off 2024 with a bang by introducing players to an innovative new game called Piggy Smash, offering them the chance to win substantial fortunes.

In Piggy Smash, players have the opportunity to win cash prizes with each bet or trigger thrilling features that unlock even greater riches. Venturing into the vault, players test their luck by smashing small piggy banks for lucrative rewards.

This release signifies a significant milestone for Gaming Corps, as it marks the debut of its brand-new Smash4Cash mechanic, delivering fresh gaming experiences to the online casino world. In this game, players smash piggy banks for cash!

The game layout features a central piggy surrounded by two racks, each holding four balls, enabling players to anticipate potential wins and heightening the excitement of triggering bonus features.

With every wager, players attempt to smash the active piggy. Upon smashing it, an instant prize is awarded, along with the potential unlocking of additional features and multipliers. Once a piggy is smashed, one of the remaining balls transforms into the active piggy.

Among the additional features is Rampage Mode, where the hammer automatically attempts to smash piggies until it fails, guaranteeing at least two smashed piggies in each rampage. Another feature is Instant Win, randomly awarding a prize of 10x, 25x, 100x, or 1,000x the wager.

Players can also unlock the Multiplier feature upon smashing a piggy, which applies to the payout of the next smashed piggy, ensuring a guaranteed Smash4Cash prize.

Additionally, Piggy Smash introduces the Multiplier Rampage feature, combining both the Multiplier and Rampage features. During this mode, all smashed piggy payouts are multiplied by the awarded multiplier.

Piggy Smash joins Gaming Corps’ recent game releases, following in the footsteps of other arcade-inspired titles such as Plinkgoal and Prospector’s Plinko.

Connor Blinman Head of Games at Gaming Corps said: “Piggy Smash is a revolutionary game release for us, as our fantastic games team have shaken things up with the introduction of our Smash4Cash mechanic, which we are proud to introduce to players.”

“We have produced another high-quality, enthralling arcade product that I’m certain our partners will be very pleased to offer to their players. The new mechanic will be deployed in future game releases too and we are very excited about how this will add further improvements to our games going forward.”

“Last year was a fantastic year for Gaming Corps, and we are continuing to upgrade and refresh our games portfolio with thrilling, cutting-edge gaming content moving into 2024 as we expand our global market reach.”